Thursday, July 19, 2012

Now We Wait on Parts

(Buckley AFB, Aurora, CO) Hi 90 Lo 57 – We stayed in until we heard from the Toyota dealer about our car. Jim called about 10:30 to see what the status was and found out they had to order some parts, which should be in tomorrow morning. It took a couple of tries to get hold of them. Service isn’t like it used to be, they either put you on hold and forget you, or don’t answer. We’ve had a lot of trouble lately getting answers on the first call when calling campgrounds too.

Since we didn’t go anywhere, I went walking around the campground. We’re about a mile or so from the main base so there’s nothing around the campground except a walking path.

This is behind the RV.
IMG_0052 (1024x768)

There's so little grass around that when it rains we get mud on our concrete pad.
IMG_0054 (1024x768)

We face the base runway. There were four F-16 fighters flying around this morning. They did all kinds of maneuvers, and they’re very loud! The afterburners shake the RV, but we love it. We lived with the "sound of freedom" for 26 years, so it brought back old times.
IMG_0058 (1024x768)
IMG_0066 (1024x768)

We never get tired of watching the cloud formations over the mountains.
IMG_0064 (1024x768)

Looks like a star burst.
IMG_0062 (1024x768)

Just a few feet from us is a little building next to a small lake. I'm not sure what it's for but it's all roped off and a couple of men were working there today.
IMG_0069 (1024x768)

The lake is very low.
IMG_0067 (1024x768)
IMG_0070 (1024x768)

This small picnic pavilion is on the edge of the campground.
IMG_0072 (1024x768)

Another bathhouse, which is really nice.
IMG_0073 (1024x768)

Another view of our site.
IMG_0075 (1024x768)

In the distance is the indoor gun range. It’s usually busy in the mornings with the sound of gunfire in the air. Again, we don't mind.
IMG_0076 (1024x768)

Jim went for a dental appointment to get a follow-up cleaning from some dental work he had done this past March. While he was gone I cleaned the RV and watched the weather channel. I also read a lot of blogs.

Tomorrow we’re getting out. We're going in the truck, which will be unusual for us. Jim wants me to drive it to get used to its large size. Wish me luck! :)


Gypsy said...

I wish you luck. Don't be nervous about it - it's a piece of cake! And mostly people stay out of your way.

Jessica and Harry said...

The first time I drove the truck, I felt like I was taking up the whole road! :) But now I'm used to it. Good luck!!

Jim and Sandie said...

I don't mind driving the truck - it's parking it that I hate. I loved that you were watching the weather channel. I'm constantly checking the weather on line because we don't get the weather channel.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jim and Dee, I had to look and see if it was Aurora Co. that you were visiting, Terrible thing last night, huh. What is the feeling around there since the shootings? Have fun, miss you lots love little sis Sharon