Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Colorado Springs

(AF Academy, Colorado Springs, CO)  Hi 89 Lo 60 -- We were both up early, but we took our time with our morning routine. We were in no hurry to pull out because we had only about 60 miles to travel. I took my last pictures of the mountains here in the Denver area.

Early this morning.
2012-7-31 early morn no clouds over mtns buckley afb co (2)

By the time we started our departure routine at 10:00 it was already clouding up.
2012-7-13 clouds by 10am buckley afb co (2)

Today’s trip was a smooth hour and half straight south on I-25. About halfway to Colorado Springs we got our first glimpse of Pikes Peak.

When we got south of the Denver area everything started looking greener. Another one of those magical changes of terrain we experience in our travels.

It wasn’t long before we pulled up at the north gate to the USAF Academy.

We're staying at the Peregrine Pines Famcamp. It took awhile to find our site. The pull through sites are laid out in all directions and it's hard to tell the sites from the road. We have a pull through amongst the tall pines with 50-amp full hookups.





We're situated so that I can see a small area of blue sky and mountains out the side window from my chair. That's all I need to keep an eye on approaching storms. They had some bad storms last evening and there's a chance of more tonight.

Jim found enough sky to get our satellite dish set up. It's sure nice having it on a tripod to move it around where needed. We settled in and watched more Olympics. We’ll check out the immediate area tomorrow, then we’ll be visiting some friends and seeing some sights for the next two weeks.

I've posted more pictures of Red Rocks Park to the right under Highlights in 2012. What a beautiful area!

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Gail Houle said...

I really enjoyed CO Springs. Hope you have fun!