Monday, June 4, 2012

Perfect Day for Checking the RV and a Baseball Game

(Joliet, IL) Hi 75 Lo 62 -- The day was perfect, nice breeze to compliment the warm sun. I wish every day would be like this.

Jim did a walk around check of the RV. We had an unoccupied wasp nest up underneath our living room slide. We had seen a few wasps inside the RV back a few weeks ago. Thank goodness they didn't multiply. He replaced a couple of screws under the front cap, checked the water level in the battery, and I re-did some caulking that had come off. Everything looks OK for our trip west next week.

I changed the information on the "Locations Coming Up" section to the right of this page. I'm not including dates anymore, they just change too much. I'll continue to include the places we plan to go to, so if we're coming to your area let us know so we can arrange to meet up. We love seeing friends.

Early this evening, we headed to Aurora to watch grandson Jack play in his second baseball game. On the way we stopped at Culver's for dinner. We only have another week or so to enjoy Culver's. We'll be out of their service territory soon. :(

Jack did good in his game tonight. He  hit all five times he went up to bat. It sure is fun watching him!

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squawmama said...

Always good to check over the rigs before departure...
Have fun