Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Day of Resting Up

(Valentine, NE) Hi 95 Lo 66 -- I read some more info about the area so thought I'd share it. The Nebraska Sandhills are the largest sand dunes in the Western Hemisphere, with grass holding them in place. Some of the dunes are as tall as 400 feet and 20 miles long. The sandhills sit atop Ogallala Aquifer, the largest source of ground water in the world. The beautiful sandhills landscape is something you won't find anywhere else.

I did a walk around the park and down a nearby gravel road. It goes to nowhere, like a lot of this area. We crossed a river between Valentine and the park (can't recall the name), and the lady in the office explained that the sandhills are south of that river, and north of it where we are is normal solid ground.

This small pavilion has a picnic area and the laundry room.

The office

We had trouble with the electric going out last evening, and it continued off and on today. It only affected our site. Our full house surge protector must be detecting something wrong and is protecting the RV. It doesn't stay off very long at a time, but it gets hot pretty quickly in the RV without the AC. Jim switched our cord to the 30-amp receptacle and we've been fine the rest of the day. He reported it to the office and the owner, Kim, came by to check it. Everything checked out at the pedestal voltage-wise, so we're not sure what the problem is. We'll see how it works out at our next park on 50-amp, and if we don't have any problem there, we'll contact Kim and tell him it looks like it's something on his end. If we do continue to have problems with 50-amp service, then we might have a problem on OUR end. We'll see... 

We didn't do much today. Jim did a few loads of laundry. The park has one washer and one dryer so it took him most of the afternoon. I noticed that the rubber trim around the inside of some of our windows was pulling away from the frame at the corners. We learned from reading forums that the bouncing from travel sometimes causes that. So I went around and tucked them back in. I also cleaned the two filters in our ceiling air conditioner. 

Several rigs left this morning, and quite a few came in during the day. Our neighbors have a toy hauler and they have the back open with a full sewing room inside the garage area. She sews from early morning until dark. There's so many ideas for people on the road.

Tonight we watched the NASCAR race from Kentucky. Tomorrow we leave for the Black Hills of South Dakota. Another new area (and a new state) for us. 


Gypsy said...

The weather channel showed some storms in the Rapid City area. Be careful and stay safe.

Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

We have a device referred to as an Electrical Management System (EMS) from Progressive Industries. It protects your RV against surges, bad grounds, reversed polarity, high and low voltage and high and low frequences. If there is a problem it shuts the power to the trailer and gives the fault code.

They come in 30 and 50 amp service and there are two styles for each range. There is a portable unit that you plug in the post then plug your power cord to it. They now have lock boxes for them. The second type is hard wired into your system. They are very easy to install even without an electrician.

Hardwired models cost more then the portables but are stiil cheap compared to a damaged electrical system in your trailer.

Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.

Rod and Loyce Ivers said...

The locals use the term Blow Sand out there to explain why all their houses and vehicles are full of a very fine dusty sand all the time.... Seems as though there is no way to keep the powdery stuff from flying..... Ask a local....

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Glad your surge protector took care of you! Ain't worth blowing out your computers, convection oven, appliance control boards and worse... even a fire!

We are so glad we put ours in, as we are camping with hookups this week and there may be brown-outs down the line from so many drawing for AC units. So far so good for us, and now the park is clearing out. I even baked some cupcakes and a cake today in my convection oven!!!! Will post on the blog about it.

Karen and Steve
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The Berry's RV Travels said...

The more I read on power problems I believe a power protection devices will be my next perches. Thanks keep tumbling!