Thursday, May 10, 2012

Moved to Indiana

(Cicero, IN) Hi 73 Lo 49 -- It was a very chilly start this morning, but the sun came up and it didn't take long to at least be bearable. I wish there was a way to capture this cool weather and save it for August/September when we get to Texas.

We went to the Cardinal Creek Golf Club here on base for their breakfast buffet. The food was terrible, but at least it was better than cleaning up the kitchen after breakfast before we leave. We were in for at least five hours on the road so we wanted more to eat than just a bowl of cereal or toast. We left at 9:00 and made good time to Indianapolis. Our destination was White River Campground in Cicero, about 20 miles north of Indy. We stayed there in July 2010 and loved it.

It was neat to see all the planting of crops on our way. We get to see crops from beginning to end in our travels. It was smooth sailing till we got to the outskirts of Indianapolis, where the traffic really picked up. It's sometimes hard following Jim in heavy traffic. Lane changes can be a challenge. Sometimes he finds an opening and moves over a lane, leaving me stuck, and sometimes I have to move over behind him and slow everyone down so he can move over. But we made it in good time. We went through our set up routine then just relaxed.

After dinner we took a walk around the campground.

Our site. We're backed right up to the White River.

The view out our back window. The White River isn't much more than a creek right behind us.

The view to the left side of our site...

...and the right side.

Some more views of the campground.              

Office and pavilion                                    A lonely mail box at the end of a path

Mom and Dad Goose, and their seven babies

Another trip, another view out our back window. We love this full timing life!


Jill said...

Glad you arrived safely.

Gail and Rick (Gypsy Turtles) said...

That looks like a wonderful park! I'm putting it on my list for when we go through there this summer. Thanks!

John and Carol said...

You are staying at one of our favorite campgrounds. It is such a jewel. Enjoy your time in Indiana.

John and Carol said...

You are staying at one of our favorite campgrounds. It is such a jewel. Enjoy your time in Indiana.

Donna W. said...

Of course that river looks small, you've been looking at the mississippi for a month, everything is small in comparison
glad driving went smooth

Speedy said...

Isn't it great having a new view out your window when ever you want one. Just think how many views you have had out those back windows since you have been on the road. How many views did you have when you owned a stix and brix?

Joe and Sherri

RiverCat said... that new header! I listen to the Cardinals broadcasts nearly every day and am so excited about my World Champs...Go Cardinals!!!