Thursday, April 5, 2012

Waiting Out the Weather

(Defuniak Springs, FL) Hi 84 Lo 54 -- The forecast called for severe weather today. We were watching the weather closely last night thinking we'd wait till this morning to see if we would be safe traveling to our next location in Montgomery, Alabama.  When we got up it was very cloudy, and the radar showed a lot of storms coming across the route we'd be taking, and the storms included large hail and high winds. So Jim went over to the office and paid for another another night. The lady in the office said there are a couple of others that are staying. He also called Maxwell-Gunter AFB in Montgomery, where we had a reservation for today, and told them we'd be there tomorrow. We probably wouldn't have had a problem, but we feel it's better to be safe than sorry when it comes to high winds. This was the first time we've postponed a travel day because of weather. We had a small storm hit late this afternoon but nothing serious. The storms seem to go either north or south of this area.

We watched a lot of TV today. After dinner we went over to the clubhouse to an ice cream social. A new reader of our blog, Betty, invited us to join her and her husband Hoodie. Thank you Betty for the invite.

It was a small turn out because the snowbirds are "flying" north and the park is emptying out. We met some of the people who are still here and had some ice cream and cake.

We came home and did some quick preparations for the move tomorrow. The storms have all gone east, so the weather forecast is great for tomorrow's travel.


hobopals said...

They are predicting 1-1/2" hail for us tonight. Generally, we're pretty safe if the predict it. :)

When I was taking my trailer through Texas and Oklahoma, the winds were terrible. I got into a safe harbor in Amarillo, but they closed I40 and a lot of semis went over.

There's a stretch of road between Reno and Carson City that they close quite frequently. I guess there must be wind shear coming down off the mountain.

I hit some wind shear going from Las Vegas north to Reno. That wasn't the only time I was glad to have a BIG truck and a little trailer!

Stay safe. That's what's so nice about full timing--you can wait weather out. I enjoy your blog.

Gypsy said...

It's not easy to delay a planned departure, but you are smart to avoid severe weather. I'm still watching the forecasts for next week, but a couple more days will be more accurate. Safe travels for all of us.

Ivey said...

We will be following in your footsteps in about 2 weeks. Safe travels.

Ira and Vicky

Sandra said...

Are you not meeting up with JoAnn while you're there? I saw she sent a note on F/B saying you were in her area.

Elaine said...

glad to see you waited it out..better to be safe than sorry had a great sunny day here today till late afternoon then the wind and rain travels tomorrow

Gail and Rick (Gypsy Turtles) said...

Always better to be safe than sorry :) We have delayed our trip more than once based on the weather forecast. Some times it was a very good decision while other times it turned out to be nothing. You never know. But we're retired. There's no place we HAVE to be :)

Karen and Al said...

Smart idea to wait out the weather. That's the benefit of being retired.

Donna W. said...

Waiting is better than white knuckling it down the road. As others have said that's the beauty of retirement, come and go as you please and no reason to take a chance. That footage of the tornadoes in texas were the semi trailers were flying thru the air like matchbox toys...well makes you realize wind is nothing to mess with.

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

After seeing those pictures of flying tractor trailers, it was a good idea not to take any chances.

We like seeing Tumbleweed planted firmly on the ground. ;c)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jim and Dee,, Where is your latest blog? I hope you have a great trip, and please be safe
sis sharon