Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Visit to Our "Home"

(DeFuniak Springs, FL) Hi 77 Lo 66 -- We had rain most of the morning but that wasn't going to stop us in getting out and seeing our "home".  As fulltimers we don't really have a home base. But we do have a permanent address, which is a mail service (MyRVMail.com) in nearby Crestview.

MyRVMail is a subsidiary of Passport America and they're both located in a small building about three miles north of downtown Crestview.

The mail service is in the left end of the building...


...and Passport America's headquarters is in most of the rest of the building.

This is the front door to our "home." :)

We were surprised at how small it was inside. All the bins you see on this one wall are assigned to fulltime RV'ers. They currently have about 750 customers.

Only three employees operate the mail service. They do all the sorting, packing, and mailing. Kirk (left) is the owner, and Luis (right) is usually the one we talk to when we call. They have one other employee who was off today.

We really love the service they provide. The largest mail service for fulltimers is the Escapees service in Texas. MyRVMail isn't nearly as big as they are, but we think they provide more personal service. We have a "virtual" mailbox online where we can see our mail items listed with the size of the envelope or package, and the return address. All we have to do is check each item and either have it forwarded, or if we don't need it we can have them trash it. And if we want something opened to check on it they'll do it over the phone. They also provide scan and faxing service. They're very good at what they do and you don't have to be a Florida resident to use them. We highly recommend them to anyone who is a fulltimer looking for a mail service.

We had lunch at Hardee's, and then drove around Crestview for awhile. It's a larger town than we were expecting (pop. around 20,000), and we were favorably impressed with it's cleanliness and the overall "feel" about it. It took us over two years to finally get to see our "home town," and we're glad we did.


Gin and Syl said...

Thanks for taking us on a tour of your "home". It will be a few months yet but we plan to be your "neighbors". We'll tell them that you sent us.

BJ said...

I bookmarked your "home" for future reference when we are on the road again. We have used FMCA in the past, no complaints, but I like the sounds of this one.. Thanks

The MyRVmail Crew said...

What a wonderful blog, Mr. and Mrs. Walter! It was a pleasure meeting you today. Thank you for the kind words and as always, Safe Travels~

Kirk Simmons
President / CEO
5715 Hwy 85 North
Crestview FL 32536
800-844-3969 Toll Free
850-306-2233 Local
850-306-2632 Fax

Join us on facebook! http://www.facebook.com/myrvmail

Jim and Sandie said...

We use a service in SD and they are really great. Husband, wife and daughter own the business. Very efficient. Glad you found such a good service.

Jim and Dee said...

Sure glad you are enjoying SSK, we have been coming here since 2006. We liked it so much that we bought a membership. We have been using the MyRVMail ever since and just love their service. Once a week we go over and get the mail, Kevin knows us so well I don't even have to tell him our box number. Most of the full timers here at SSK have gone or will be leaving in a few weeks as every year we will miss each other great other family. The Hood's on Sunset King Lake Resort

Jeff & Barbie said...

Thanks for sharing pictures of "our" home also at MyRVMail. We agree-nothing but great service and we've never been by there. So THANKS for sharing.

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

We will keep them in mind for the future. The first section of years of our retirement will require us to remain Wisconsin residents due to health insurance, but later we will consider moving our state of residency.

Karen and Steve
(Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

Ivey said...

Sounds like a good mail service. We might just consider changing. They offer things we don't get with the one we use.

We will be following in your footsteps in about 2 weeks when we leave here and head west.

Saft travels

Vicky and Ira

cathie said...

That was really interesting. Neat idea about checking the mail online so they can throw out the junk. This must keep those workers busy!

Karen and Al said...

That's our "home" as well. Thanks for the tour, we've never been there.

We've also been happy with their service and were able to re-establish our Florida residency again.