Monday, April 30, 2012

A Day to Catch Our Breath

(Scott AFB, IL) Hi 72 Lo 59 -- Yesterday before breakfast we took some family pictures.

Back Row: Rick, Laura, Kyle, Angie, Frank
Front Row: Jack, Joey, Kendall

Frank, Dad Jim, and Rick

After breakfast Rick and Laura left to return home to Homewood, IL (a suburb south of Chicago). We came back to the rig for a few hours, then went back to Frank's and we all went over to Angie's dad's place. He and his wife Diana put on a wonderful cook out for Frank's birthday. Angie's brother Jimmy, his wife Kim and their cute little daughter Hunter were also there.

Kyle, holding his cousin Hunter.

Two Jims... Angie's Dad and my Jim

Clockwise from front: Frank, Angie's dad Jim, Diana, my Jim, Kendall, and Angie's brother Jim (lot of Jims at this party!)

The meal of burgers, dogs, and sides was excellent! And the conversation and fellowship was even better. After a great time, we "kidnapped" Kyle and Kendall and brought them back to our home for "movie night." The kids brought a DVD of "The Muppet Movie" and we watched it with them. It was a cute movie, and brought back nice memories of The Muppet Show that we watched on TV back in the 70's.

Today we had a threat of more thunderstorms, but all we had was some off and on rain. I went to a massage appointment this afternoon. I got a little surprise when I got there. It seems I now qualify for their senior discount, so I got 20% off the cost of my massage. In some ways getting old isn't so bad. :) On the way home I stopped by Frank and Angie's to pick up a food delivery I had arranged from the Schwann's truck.

Jim stayed in the rig and read and watched a recorded movie while I was gone. Later this afternoon we talked for a bit with our neighbors. They got here yesterday, so they missed the bad hailstorm. (They have a beautiful Airstream trailer, and hail and aluminum-sided Airstreams aren't a good combination.) They planned to leave today but decided to wait out the stormy weather.

All in all, it was a quiet day for us, which was kind of nice after the last two active days. We still need to get our military ID cards renewed, but we still have time. Jim's been working on our next couple of destinations. In 10 days we're headed to Indianapolis for a few days, then Louisville, KY area for a week or two, then on to Chicago to spend some time with Son Rick and family. But we're not done having fun with our grandboys here yet!


Gypsy said...

It sounds like a great relaxed type of visit - the best kind.

Elaine said...

hope the weather holds up good for you..enjoy your family....and kudos on the senior discounts..I never think to ask for them