Friday, April 13, 2012

Another Look at Tom Sawyer RV Park

(West Memphis, AR) Hi 79 Lo 54 -- I had dried sap on my car from the pine trees at our last park, so I decided to clean it up with The Solution. The Solution is a liquid cleaner/wax that’s applied without water. You just wipe it on with one cloth, then wipe it off and buff with another cloth. It worked great and my car is sparkling clean without using a drop of water. It also took off all the sap. I love that stuff. Jim took his truck to fill it up with diesel, so we’re ready to go tomorrow morning.

It was cool this morning and quite windy all day, but I walked around the park and saw this cool little tree house. This would be any kid’s dream.





The woods behind the tree house.

It needs some major cleaning, but it sure is nice. The ramp coming down overlooks a pond of water.

Here’s the bath house and free laundry.

This is looking across the field from the tree house to the RV’s parked along the river.

The barge traffic wasn’t real busy today, but this one was really long. They steer from the rear, so it’s amazing to watch them turn around the curves in the river. The water level has gone down quite a bit since we’ve been here.

We watched some TV shows, and I was playing on my computer when it went dead. I did the blog on Jim's computer and checked the power cord of my computer and noticed it wasn't on. I switched power cords with an older computer and now it's up working. What a relief!

Jim is going to the minor league baseball game tonight so I'll be watching TV and going waiting for him to come home later tonight.

We’re on the move tomorrow, so stay tuned.

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butterbean carpenter said...

Howdy Tumbleweed,

What is the name of The Solution you used to clean sap off the car?? I
Googled it, looked at O'reilly's & Wal-Mart.. No go!! Sure do like your blog and intend to keep reading it.. I'm surprised y'all are in West Memphis; when I was in Arkansas white folks weren't allowed there..
Hope your day is going great!!