Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Wet Trip

(DeFuniak Springs, FL) Hi 80 Lo 64 -- It was a great start to our trip this morning. It was cloudy so it was cooler for driving, but that didn’t last long. We weren't very far down the road when we hit RAIN, and a lot of it. It slowed traffic to a crawl.
IMG_5635 (800x600)

We ran in and out of rain showers most of the day. We stopped for lunch at a rest stop just as another shower hit, so we ate inside the cramped rig (the slides were in) while it poured. It didn’t last long and we again were on our way. It was a long day for us; a little over 300 miles and a little under six hours. I’m still getting used to my new car, and I can't seem to get the seat adjusted right. I had a back ache and headache by the end of the trip. We arrived at Sunset King Lake Resort in DeFuniak Springs around 3pm (central time... yay!). It’s a Passport America park, and the discounted rate is $27 a night. That means the full price is $54 a night, which would be way out of our budget range.

The park is really nice! There’s all the amenities that you can ask for, and a full schedule of activities like we had at Adelaide Shores in Avon Park. We have a pull thru site with 50-amp electric, water, and sewer. I’ll get out tomorrow and take more pictures of the area, but here’s our site and what’s around us.

IMG_5641 (800x600)

IMG_5640 (800x600)

Out our back window.
IMG_5639 (800x600)

Down our street. The pull thru sites alternate directions, so you look out on your  neighbor's door side rather than their hoses and power cords.

IMG_5636 (800x600)

There are a few park models.
IMG_5638 (800x600)

This is the smaller of two clubhouses in the park.
IMG_5637 (800x600)

Jim has always been good at picking out the parks. It looks like he’s doing just as well this year. We’re both really tired. People ask us why we don't like to go more than 200-250 miles in a day. If you think about it, I don't ride in the truck with him to share the driving. We're BOTH driving, so that's why we like to limit our travel days to 4-5 hours if we can. When we were younger we could drive alone for 10-12 hours easy, but not anymore at our age! :)

Jim is watching the Final Four basketball games, and I’m going through blogs to see who might be in the area. I remember people writing about things to do in this area, so I'll look up some of that information tomorrow. We'll stay in tomorrow (race day), but we plan on getting out and about on Monday.


Jim and Sandie said...

We try to limit our travel to 150 miles or less per day. Just not in that big a hurry anymore. That gives us plenty of time to let the girls roam and we get to stretch our legs. But that sure looks like a nice campground you're in. Thank goodness for PA. Just saw where Kasey has the pole tomorrow.

Gail and Rick (Gypsy Turtles) said...

That would have made a very long day for us as well. We don't like going over 200 miles. It's just too tiring. We also try not to go in the rain. We don't need to be anywhere that badly. Of course, you can't do much about it if it starts after you're on the road :)
We leave tomorrow morning...first time in almost 4 months. It's time to go. That's a real long time for us.

Elaine said...

looks like a nice place..glad to see that you arrived safe and sound..looks like the weather cleared up for you also..:)

Nancy and Bill said...

We are in the 'less than 200 miles in the sunshine' club;o)) That being said, we need to go almost 270 miles Sunday;o(( But at least the rain has stopped!!!

Jon and Kathleen said...

Miss you! The hood here is becoming deserted. Glad you are enjoying your travels.

Jon and Kathleen said...

Miss you! The hood here is becoming deserted. Glad you are enjoying your travels.

Kevin and Ruth said...

Glad you arrived safe and sound. We hate driving in the rain as well, not only is the driving harder but you miss half the scenery. It's funny, you say that $54 a night is out of your price range and $27 is still out of ours, lol! We also like travelling short days, for us it is about 120-150 miles a day. Again, for us part of the journey is the drive along the way but we have met lots of people who are point A- point B type of people, it's a good thing we are all different.

Kevin and Ruth

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Is the header picture your new country base? LOL