Thursday, March 15, 2012

Movie Day - Stocking Up For Our Trip

(Avon Park, FL) Hi 84 Lo 59 -- Warm, sunny day. We're starting to watch the weather north of us to see what we'll be in for when we get on the road in two weeks.

We went this afternoon to see the movie Act of Valor.

It was about the Navy Seals, and we read that they used actual members of the Seal teams in the movie. There were parts in the movie when the guys had to leave their family to go on a mission and it really reminded us of our time in the military. Back in the early 70's Jim had to say goodbye to me and our 7-month old son and leave for a whole year in Thailand. The movie was excellent and very exciting as it showed what the Seals are capable of. The acting wasn't the best, but that was easy to overlook. We both recommend it.

After the movie we stopped at Publix on the way home for some groceries. This is the time we have to ask, what do we really need, and what do we bring into the RV just before we move. It's different than living in a sticks and bricks home, we have to worry about weight and things moving around while on the move. I didn't want to get much, but I was totally out of meat for our meals and grilling out. I did buy quite a bit so now we have a freezer full. I don't like to keep the freezer too full in case it goes out, like happened to us a year ago. But we have to balance that possibility with the need to have plenty of food while we're traveling so we don't have to take the time to shop for more. Another thing to think about while on the road.

We came home and put things away, then it was time for dinner.  Tonight was card night at the clubhouse. We really enjoy card nights. It's fun being with everyone and catching up on what everyone has done during the week. It's even better when you win, which Jim did tonight. He was the last one eliminated in Pass the Ace and won the final pot.

It's been a great day. The orange blossoms are very fragrant and makes the area smell sweet. March madness has started so I think Jim will be watching a lot of basketball on TV this weekend. But we still have some more fun planned. We don't have long to go.


John and Carol said...

We saw Act of Valor too. It just took our breath away. Their courage and sacrifice both by the soilder and their families is inspiring and humbling.

We are thankful for your service and sacrifice too.

Kevin and Ruth said...

I don't think I would worry too much about what to buy you are in the States and can buy food anywhere. I think that buying food for one or two weeks would be sufficient. It's not like you are going to Mexico or anything!

Kevin and Ruth

Jeannie said...

We just visited the Navy Seals Museum in Fort Pierce. It was a great stop! I was wondering if the Acts of Valor movie had a lot of violence?

Speedy said...

We both know about that having to leave thing! Don't wish that on any young married couple. Hope to see you guys when you head West.

Joe and Sherri

Donna W. said...

Middle son had to leave wife and newborn for a tour and wound up in dessert storm. was really rough on Kristin, 19 a baby and husband in conflict.
Hey Jim, root for Mizzou....

Glenda said...

We also saw the movie Act of Valor. So proud of our special forces military. Our SIL flies the kind of chinooks that were in the movie. NSDQ. Safe travels.