Thursday, March 22, 2012


(Avon Park, FL) Hi 85 Lo 61 – It was a fabulous day with lower humidity and a cooling breeze.

I decided to check out the craft class today, just to see what’s going on. Every week is different, and several people teach the craft they do while in the park. Saturday there will be a craft show for everyone to show off the crafts they did all winter.

I have seen and admired embroidery necklaces, and I wanted to see how they're made. I bought my mom one at the RV park last year that someone had made. (Click on any photo to make it larger.)

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I was watching everyone get their material together when I noticed another necklace that I liked better. It's a lanyard made with beads and lanyard cord.

I had fun learning how to make one. It's about half done, so I have another project to work on.

They do three crafts or more at the same time. A few other people were making 3-D art. It takes lots of patience and lots of glue but the result is awesome.

These are works in progress. They're very beautiful!
This is a finished one in a frame.

Sorry about the quality of the pictures. I took them with my phone and I later discovered the lens needs cleaning.

I stayed a couple hours so I had the instructions down before leaving. I went home to make a dessert for today's potluck. Jim went for his walk and by the time he got back and showered it was time to head over to the clubhouse.

You could tell that a lot of people have left for the summer. It was a small crowd at the potluck. It was packed the first time we went, but only a few tables were used this time. It sure was good food and plenty of it. It’s our last potluck at the park for this season.

We came home long enough to watch the evening news and then went back to the clubhouse to play cards. We’ll be playing cards a couple more times before we leave. We ended the evening with me in the chat room and Jim watching basketball. So ends another day in paradise.


longdog2 said...

Love the blue lanyard and the redbird.

Donna W. said...

Surprised Jim wasnt watching the NSCAR on last night