Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Travel a Day then Relax a Day

(Louisville, KY) Hi 71 Lo 52 -- Last night we had the windows open and heard donkeys heehawing. At first we thought "What the...?" Next door to us is a llama farm, and along with a few llamas grazing in the field there are a couple of donkeys. And on the fence is a sign saying "donkeys for sale." We got a good giggle from that.

We like to relax on the day after a travel day, so that's what we did today. It's nice to have a day of doing nothing after a long trip. I think a long trip is four hours and Jim thinks it's six, so we usually try to do five. It's nice to compromise.

We didn't do anything but watch a lot of shows we had recorded and catch-up on a few blogs. I'm so far behind on the blogs it's going to take a few days of nothing to get them read. That's not going to happen, we have things to see around the area. Tomorrow we'll get out and start on our list of places.


LakeConroePenny,TX said...

It's good to relax for a while after a trip. Then you get to smell the roses.

Judy and Emma said...

Or, smell the donkeys! :)

Jim and Sandie said...

We spent the night with wolves howling around us at the Wolf Sanctuary but no donkeys. Glad you took a day off to relax.

Diane and Rich said...

If you get a chance, try the Jim Beam Distillery tour. Its not far from your location. We had great time there and got to sample some good bourbon.

Anonymous said...

Its Donna, my brother lived in louisville for a number of years.
It's really a nice city. but make sure you pronounce it correctly
Lu A Vul. That way you can fit in
as southerners and not yankees.
Enjoy the town.
Donna W.