Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fun Night - Rainy Football Game

(Scott AFB, IL) Hi 70 Lo 57 -- What a great fun night with the grandkids last night. They wanted to know more about James Bond movies, and Jim is one of the biggest James Bond fans in the world. Kyle wanted to see one of the newer movies and Kendall wanted to see an earlier one. They watched two movies and the boys fought sleep the whole time. Except for when I was feeding them. I forgot how hungry boys that age can get. It's so much fun being grandparents!

Jim is showing Kyle how to use the remote to to turn on the TV if he wakes up before us the next morning. Kendall was dozing a bit, even though he'd never admit it. We went on to bed and it was quiet within minutes.

Morning came way too fast. We had to have the kids back home by 9:30 so they could get ready for church. I staggered out to the kitchen at 8am to cook them a hot breakfast. They asked for chocolate chip pancakes. I made some, and the kids said they don't taste good. I figured out why. I used semi-sweet chocolate chips and I should have used milk chocolate. I had to ditch the first batch and make some without the chips (didn't have the milk chocolate kind). Jim took them back to their place while I cleaned up the place. It's amazing the effect two kids can have on such a small place. Can you say hurricane? :)

We had rain most of the day. Jim went to Kendall's 3:00 football game. I don't understand football well enough to sit in the rain so I stayed home. Kendall's Little Panthers team won 13-0.

Jim brought back pizza and we relaxed the rest of the evening. The NASCAR race at Chicago was delayed all afternoon and we were looking forward to watching it this evening, but we just heard it's postponed until tomorrow morning. That's good because Frank said he'd drive over after work tomorrow and watch it with us (he gets off work at 11am).


Jim and Sandie said...

I'd have to vote with the grandsons on the chocolate chips. No substituting semi-sweet for milk chocolate. We were going to watch the race too but maybe we can catch it tomorrow.

Speedy said...

I'm back on line for a while.

Karen and Al said...

Glad you're enjoying your visit with the grand kits. Our place sometimes looks like a hurricane and it's just the two of us!

squawmama said...

Sounds like you had a really great time with the boys ~ my nearly 6 year old twin grandsons can eat you out of house & home...
Have fun

ps ~ we are at Rock Crusher Canyon... it is really nice!

Kevin and Evelyn said...

How nice that you are able to spend time with your grandchildren. They'll have those memories for a lifetime!