Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Planning for the Rest of the Year

(Iowa, City)  Hi 90 Lo 66 -- It was great just doing nothing today.  It's either the age or the heat, but we're both just worn out.

My mom was online, so we chatted this morning using Yahoo Messenger. She's been coming on quite often lately so it's good to stay in touch. All is well with her, just really hot there too (in Raleigh, NC). My sister was around today so I got to catch up with her.

Jim worked on getting our next few RV parks lined up. That's just as fun as the traveling itself.  We have things firmed up through October. After that we'll head to NC to see our families, then on to Florida. We're also looking into RV parks near Ft. Lauderdale for November and December.  There's nothing settled yet though.

The rest of the day we just worked on the computer and tried to keep cool.  We'll get out and do something tomorrow.


Jim and Sandie said...

It definitely is too hot to do much of anything. I'm exhausted from just going outside for a little while and moving a couple of boxes. I, too, like doing some planning of our journeys. But we don't plan a whole lot. Never know for sure how far we're going one day or if we're going to stay a week somewhere.

squawmama said...

I love planning too.... Can't wait to hear what your destinations are!!!
Have fun & Travel safe

Chris said...

We'll most likely be in Paradise Island, a Fort Lauderdale RV park for November and December. Any questions, let us know.
Chris and Jim (Geeks on Tour)