Friday, August 5, 2011

Movie Day (Cowboys and Aliens)

(Iowa City, IA) Hi 84  Low 72 - It was cloudy most of today, and some rain came through this afternoon. When we arrived here, as Jim was pulling the truck away from the hitch the breakaway cable got caught in the tailgate hinge and snapped. The plastic plug was stuck halfway out of the switch and wouldn't come the rest of the way out or in. Yesterday we stopped by a local RV dealer and bought a new breakaway switch and cable, and Jim installed it this morning. He said it was pretty easy, just bolt the little black box to the kingpin and splice two wires. It works perfectly, so now we're safe again. :)

We had planned to go see the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum today, but Jim found out that seniors get into the local movie theater for $4.00 on Fridays, so we headed to the movies instead. We saw "Cowboys and Aliens." It was very entertaining, a good summer movie. And a story line that's quite different from the normal summer action-type movie. A neat combination of the wild west and science fiction. We both enjoyed it very much.

When we got back to our campground we noticed several more rigs arrived during the day. The "campers" are arriving for the weekend. Very normal for COE and state parks. Nothing else to report for today. Tomorrow hopefully we'll get to the Hoover Library, and Jim can check one more Presidential library off his list.

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Phyllis said...

Leonard loves his westerns and some science fiction. Sounds like he would enjoy that movie. Sure wish we could find a theater nearby with those prices! Have a good day checking out the Hoover Library!