Thursday, July 21, 2011

Last Day with Karen and Steve

Oconto, WI) Hi 86 Lo 66 -- I got up early because there was so much we had to get done on the RV, and with the heat lately we wanted to get started while it was cooler.  

Jim is so good at washing windows that we started there first. It was really hot on the sunny side of the RV, but Jim got all the windows done in a very short time.  I doubt if he would do windows for anyone else, but I'm lucky that he's so good, no streaks. 

After the windows he put foam stuff on all the rubber seals on the slides. That didn't take too long. He then used some rubbing compound to get rid of some light scratches along the side caused by rubbing against the small tree next to us.

After he got done we got some lunch and rested for awhile and watched some TV and read blogs.  Karen had her granddaughter Allegra over, so we watched the two for awhile. 

When Steve got home he got out his new macerator and tried it out on our black tank. Even though it was around 100 feet to the septic tank inlet it worked great. Now we don't have to look for a dump station when we leave in the morning. 

We went with Steve to a local meat market to get some hamburgers and brats for grilling out for our last dinner together. After dinner we walked down to the river, mosquitos and all.  What a great place Karen and Steve have here. I bet it sells fast next Spring. They're hoping to go full time in 20 months when Steve retires. Not that he's counting or anything.  :)

Steve with grand daughter Allegra.

We have enjoyed being here with Karen and Steve, and we so much appreciate their hospitality. And Steve was so generous with his time in helping Jim with some maintenance things. We both learned a lot from him. We hate to leave, but it's time to move on to new adventures. Tomorrow we're off to the Wisconsin Dells area. 


Jim and Sandie said...

It's hard to say goodbye to good friends but it's nice to know that with wheels we can always find them again somewhere. Have fun at the Dells. Our friends, Steve and Carol, are roaming around there somewhere.

Paula said...

Steve and Karen are wonderful. I knew you would have a good time with them.
Enjoy the Dells. If you like a good burger try, Monks Bar. Yummy burgers. They are on the main drag downtown and also just south in Lake Delton.

squawmama said...

Always hard to leave good friends but it sounds like you have gotten all your chores done and that's good... tell me about the foam for the seals. I haven't heard of that before. Have fun today and travel safe

Kathy and Robert said...

I always enjoy your posts so much. I can't wait to hear about the Dells! Kathy