Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Staying Around the Rig

(Ft  Meade, MD) Hi 95 Lo 50 – Our thump continues, it started about 1am and continued in 5-17 minute increments.  I noticed it every now and then today, but we go outside and wait to see where it’s coming from and it never does it, and it’s HOT out there! We pull out tomorrow, we’ll see if it continues.

Nothing was planned today except laundry and working on the budget. Jim did the laundry and his pre-trip tire check. I stayed in where it was cool and worked on our May budget numbers. We came in a little over budget, but not much.

Jim helped out a fellow RV'er today. An elderly gentleman has a 23-ft motorhome that won't run. He needed to get it to the base auto repair facility and had trouble getting a tow truck here on base. Jim agreed to tow his rig the two miles to the shop. They connected a strong length of nylon rope between Jim's truck and his motorhome and went very slowly. Fortunately there was very little traffic on the part of the base they were on. It went very smoothly. It was nice to help someone in need.

I got a few more pictures of Camp Meade Famcamp.   There’s a few cabins to rent.
 IMG_1021 (800x600)
There are two bath houses. This is the smaller one.
IMG_1022 (800x600)
Facing the park from the bath house.
IMG_1023 (800x600)
A view down one of the other streets.
IMG_1024 (800x600)
The main bathhouse and laundry. Very nice, equipped with a wi-fi lounge and private showers.
IMG_1025 (800x600)

It was very hot and humid so we stayed in most of the day. We're moving further north tomorrow. There’s a few storms around, some severe. We’re hoping it’s not going to be another night with very little sleep.


Gail and Rick (Gypsy Turtles) said...

Sure hope you find your "thumper" soon! That would make me crazy :) Can't wait to hear what it was...if you ever find out.
It's been 93 the last couple days for us and we are in Schenectady NY! Finally, a cold front is coming through tonight and is supposed to make things more seasonal here. Hope it's pleasant and dry for you once you get to NY.

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Good to have a down day. With all the running around you've been doing lately, you need a breather!

I'm having trouble commenting on your blog with my Blogger account, so I'm trying a different way. Don't want you to miss me!

Paul R Sanity RV

Chuck-Kathy said...

Could be you have found the ghost of "thumper". Travel safe.

Mike and Terri said...

Still more thumping? Now you've really got our curiosity up. Hope you find out what it is.

Karen & Collins said...

It's taken me 3 days to get caught up with you guys. We were on our mifi all last month so I was being a little careful. It sounds like you guys are doing great. We seem to be following you. We're at Camp Lejeune now. Maybe we can catch up in the fall somewhere.