Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Researching Future Travels

(Endicott, NY)  Hi 90 Lo 63 --  It’s not supposed to be this hot this far north this early in the season.  We had thought about going to the Corning Glass Museum today, but it’s over an hour there and back.  We’re traveling tomorrow and neither one of us had the ambition to go anywhere, so we stayed around here today. We did a lot of research on parks to stay at when we get to Canada.

I can tell I’m a year older. I hit my knee a few weeks back and have been hobbling around. I finally got to the point of walking pretty good and the black and blue area was gone.  I moved wrong this morning and twisted it in the same area. This time I can’t put very much weight on it at all, so I’m hobbling again.  We’re leaving tomorrow for the Buffalo area and I’m determined to walk around all the areas we’re planning on seeing. Luckily I have a knee brace, so it looks like that’s going to be a must for this part of the trip.

I have a few more pictures of our park. We really do like it here. If we ever come to this area again we’ll stay. There’s a hill looking down from the office area to the the sites. Our RV is to the left, click to make larger.
2011-6-7 pine valley cg endicott ny (2)
pine valley cg NY
I have no idea what this tree is called. But it has little tiny pine cones on it.
2011-6-7 pine valley cg endicott ny (6)
2011-6-7 pine valley cg endicott ny (7)
There’s deer around all around the park. They say there’s a mom with two fawns, but I haven’t seen them yet. This one looks young. It was on the road as we turned into our road to the RV.
2011-6-6 deer pine valley
We spent a lot of time going over our route for tomorrow. We don’t want any surprises, like low overpasses.  We leave in the morning for Colden Lakes Resort in Colden, NY.  It should be only about a four-hour trip.


Sandra said...

Looks like a really nice park. Hope you enjoy your time at Colden!

John and Carol said...

I really enjoying researching parks for our travels. I have found Microsoft's Streets and Trips to be invaluable.

GGuncle said...

that tree looks like an austrian pine(long needles), that wasn't trimmed right while it was in its growing years.