Wednesday, June 15, 2011

On the Way to Canada in the Morning

(Fort Drum, NY) Hi 77 Lo 52 -- The first thing we did today was call the Canadian Border Service to get the latest information about crossing the border tomorrow.  I cleaned out the refrigerator and freezer of raw fruit and vegetables. We've been eating out a lot lately so there wasn't much left in the fridge to begin with. Hopefully the crossing will go smoothly tomorrow.

We looked around the base today and we're amazed at how much open space they have here. There are a lot of four-lane roads and very little traffic. The buildings are all very nice looking.  We found a bank and changed some dollars to Canadian.  We went to the PX and the commissary, got gas then went back to the RV.

I chatted with a few people online and read some blogs.  I did a walk about the park and found the little rental cabins.

These little bear statues are all around the camping area. 

I noticed they're breaking ground for several more sites in the camping area.  It's going to be huge by the time it's done.  What a great place to be in this area, and at a good price, if you're military.

A word of warning to our readers.  We've changed our Verizon calling and texting plan to include Canada, but it doesn't include 3G internet service.  We'll be depending on wi-fi, so if we end up in a park that doesn't have wi-fi I won't be able to post the blog. But I'll keep up with it offline and post a "catch-up" blog when we can. Please don't give up on us. We should be back in the U.S. in mid-July, give or take a week or so.


Gail and Rick (Gypsy Turtles) said...

You will have a wonderful time in Canada!
I finally connected with the lady at Colden...we're headed there tomorrow. Thanks again for the recommendation!

Kathy and Robert said...

Have a glorious time in Canada! Can't wait to read all about it!

Sandra said...

You can always post your blog from our house and also the Best Western hotel claims to have free wifi, don't know if you need a p/w or not. You'll have to get our p/w if you need it.

Cyndi said...

We crossed the border this morning--they only asked if we had any alcohol or tobacco. No questions at all about any food of any kind, and they showed no interest in looking inside our trailer. I was worried for no reason. Going to a big farmers' market Saturday to stock up on fresh fruits and veggies since we have none. Good luck tomorrow!

squawmama said...

I love Canada and all my Canadian friends... Have fun and we'll be here whenever you get on.
Travel Safe my friends!