Sunday, June 26, 2011

Merrickville and Neighbors

(Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada) Hi 80 Lo 50 -- It was cloudy in the morning but then sunny and gorgeous later in the afternoon.  It was perfect weather today. 

I learned how to do a collage on Photoshop and read blogs most of the morning. I’m getting behind knowing where everyone is located. It’s great to follow so many of our friends that are either full time or on vacation.
Sandra came over at 1:30 and we took off for Merrickville, another little town south of us. They had a motorcycle gathering and the town was buzzing with people, but it was very enjoyable. We went through some antique stores and just walked around.

Motorcycles lined up outside a restaurant.
2011-6-26 Merrikville ontario (3)

And in front of another store.
2011-6-26 Merrikville ontario (4)

We went in a Christmas store and saw all these nutcrackers.
2011-6-26  nutcrackers Merrikville ontario (7)

This store sold nothing but bird houses.
2011-6-26 birdhouses Merrikville ontario (9)

One of the pretty homes we see a lot here with the decorative bricks.
2011-6-26 Merrikville ontario (12)

This was done in string art, which I’m just beginning to learn. This is a masterpiece, and is very intricate. I forgot to check the price, but it must have taken hours to do. Click on the photo to make it larger. It’s quite a piece of work.
2011-6-26 string art Merrikville ontario (6)

Main Street. This is basically the whole town.
2011-6-26 Merrikville ontario (13)

Sandra brought me back to the park and I went walking around. We have two very small RV’s that recently moved in.
2011-6-26 smithsfalls victoria park (2)

2011-6-26 smithsfalls victoria park (3)

I sat outside awhile, then our neighbors came home and we started talking.  They’re from Montreal and the daughter does string bracelets. She showed me how to do them, so I’ll add that to the string art I’m learning. They’re leaving tomorrow. 

We had dinner and was settling down for the night when a Titanium fifth wheel backed in beside us. This Friday is Canada Day, the Canadian equivalent of our July 4th holiday. So there’s lots going on in the parks and towns leading up to this weekend's celebrations. We're leaving Thursday and we were lucky to get reservations in a park about 200 miles from here.


Sandra said...

I think the string art was $179.

Actually the store sells more than birdhouses. They even have some clothing.

squawmama said...

Loved the photos and I am so happy to hear your having fun there... I can remember when string art was popular in the 70's. I tried to do a schooner and it was no where as nice as what you saw....
Have fun & Travel safe

ps..come on by and become a follower of my new RV Park Review Blog. It is still under construction but I intend to add as many of the parks that we have visited in our 7 years of full timing. Good thing I kept notes...LOL LOL thanks ;-D