Monday, June 13, 2011

Final Day at Colden

(Colden, NY) Hi 73 Lo 53 – Sunny AM Cloudy PM --  I made some changes to the right side of the blog. I added more pictures of Niagara Falls and added a video. Click on the picture of the falls for more.

We stayed around the RV today to get prepared for our five hour trip tomorrow. The front closet in the bedroom had to be reorganized because the rough trip here made things fall off the shelf. I also threw away brochures and pamphlets from all our sightseeing activities.

I took some more pictures of our park. We’re in a brand new section for big rigs with pull throughs.  It’s 50 amp with water and sewer. It’s been very quiet and even with several here over the weekend, we didn’t hear anyone.
2011-6-9 Colden Lakes Resort NY (29)
 2011-6-9to11 Colden NY (1)

There’s two lakes that connect, but they’re not for swimming.
2011-6-9to11 Colden NY (2)2011-6-9to11 Colden NY (3)

The pool is brand new. It's been too cool to swim this week.
2011-6-9 Colden Lakes Resort NY (28)

There’s several areas for RV’s of all sizes. Many are seasonal but they have spaces open at the moment.  School doesn’t get out till June 28, so that may change real fast.
2011-6-9to11 Colden NY (4)
2011-6-9to11 Colden NY (5)

The back of the restaurant with a deck to sit by the lake.
2011-6-9to11 Colden NY (6)

Front of the restaurant looking toward the lake.
2011-6-9to11 Colden NY (7)

There’s a huge area for playing games, along with a children's playground.
2011-6-9to11 Colden NY (9)

We’ll come here again if we’re in the area. The office manager is very helpful and friendly.  The office is in her home so she's available onsite at all times.

I thought I'd post a few more of the pictures we took yesterday at the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Buffalo. It’s huge and has a lot of unique grave stones. The dates go back in the 1700’s, and up to present day.

Jim saw this statue of Italian opera composer Giuseppe Verdi. He got all excited thinking this was his burial place. But it's just a memorial. Buffalo has a huge Italian population, and apparently a lot of Verdi fans.

This one is interesting, with the $ in the middle of the cross.
I love looking around old cemeteries, and this one was very interesting.

We checked our route and got fuel for both cars today. Jim’s diesel was $4.39 a gallon, and mine was $3.99 a gallon.  That’s the highest we’ve paid so far. We've had a great time here with friends, but there’s more fun ahead of us.


Sandra said...

You took some really nice photos at the Falls! Sounds like you had a good time.

GGuncle said...

Jim and Dee

It was great having these days to spend with you!!! You have a safe trip and enjoy the Thousand Islands!! It is a BEAUTIFUL area!!

Ellen and Dom

Jeannie said...

Beautiful park. We're saving the info for a future stay in the area. I love old cemetaries, too. They tell such interesting stories!