Thursday, December 9, 2010

Closet Shuffle - Nice Day

(Wauchula, FL) - It rained most of the night, and occasionally the pitter patter would wake us up, but then we would fall back to sleep.  By the time I got up it stopped, and it turned out to be a bright, sunny but windy day of about 62 degrees.

After reading a few blogs and emails I tackled the bedroom closet. I needed to get some winter clothes out, so I decided to just clean out the whole thing.  I had misplaced my Christmas earrings and a few other little items, so looked for them too.  I found almost everything I was looking for, plus I found a couple things that I forgot I had.  And in the back of the closet I found a small group of those stink bugs we brought with us from Pennsylvania.  It was like I woke them up and they just crawled out of their hiding spot. I think I got the whole group, but I wonder how many more are in hiding.  We've been seeing one or two a week.

We hung around the rig the rest of the afternoon. I chatted with mom for a couple of hours while Jim did the laundry.  He also went to get the other propane tank filled.  I know we just got a tank filled a couple of days ago, but the second tank ran out quicker because that's the one Jim uses to power our gas grill.  Now we should be good for the next cold spell next week.  We learned last night what happens when you run out of fresh water in the tank.  It coughs and sputters and the pump sounds worse than it normally does.  After refilling the tank about a third full this morning (we always want some water in the tank for backup and emergencies), Jim hooked the hose back up to the park water supply. It should stay well above freezing for the next few days.

I did go to the clubhouse to check on how you play po-ke-no. That's an interesting game, but doubtful I'll play it. I'm not into many of the card games. I do like Hand and Foot, but I'm not sure if anyone plays it here. I'll check it out sometime when there's open games.

It was a typically slow but relaxing day.  We have some things planned over the next few days, in our little spot in paradise.

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Speedy said...

Be sure to check real well for leaks everytime it rains. If you'll do this you will catch those leaks before they do any damage to your unit. Don't take for granite that you don't have any some do and then end up with rotted walls.