Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Staying Busy - An Idea for Thanksgiving Meal

(Wauchula, FL) - I've been putting off going to get groceries for the past few days so today I took off to get that job done.  I put my list on my Droid and check it off as I shop.  The prices have raised a bit on the same items I got a couple weeks ago.  I got back home, put everything away and settled down to read blogs for an hour before playing  shuffleboard.

We had three great games of shuffleboard,  then decided to walk over and meet Tom and Janice, a couple that moved into a site near us a few days ago. They are full timers and have traveled 11 years.  They have a Carriage Cameo like ours, except it's six years old.  They love it and haven't had any major problems with it.  They had some good ideas about where to travel. It was great talking to them.  Jim now has someone that has the same RV to ask questions and learn from.

I was going through the emails and one had an idea for Thanksgiving dinner.  This is for all the cooks out there that want something different to serve this year.


Good luck, but if I were you, I wouldn't tell anyone what you fixed.

It was windy today, but still 82 degrees with some clouds. The park owners are really busy getting ready for the wedding, putting up white fencing and planting flowers.  The wedding is this Saturday.  The park residents are upset that the owners are spending money getting the place ready for a wedding but won't make some improvements they've been promising.  They have also shut down the recreation hall for the week to get ready for the wedding, so no place to play games.  Everything will be back to normal on Sunday.

Another day in paradise.


GGuncle said...

you mean you never had "rocky mountain oysters" or "lamb fries"-I have, never tried the turkey thing though.dom..

Rick and Elaine NB said...

Think I will forego the 'something' different this year...and have the plain old turkey..love love love the recycled horses from yesterday..very inventive...talk soon

Vera said...

I have eaten frogs legs and snails in France but I think I would pass on Turkey testicles! That sounds downright too sexual ☺

RV Khronicles of Kevelyn said...

I laughed when I saw the youtube video. I used to work with a group of gals in Wisconsin that would make an annual trek to the Turkey Testicle Festival. They always had a great time.

It's not for me. The most adventurous I've been with eating has been frog's legs in France.

Margie and Roger said...

OMG - Those won't be on our menu this year, or any year. The ads on the video were even worse!