Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Facebook Games - Movie Day

(Wauchula, FL) - I got stuck on Facebook games today. Mindjolt has a bunch of games to choose from, and today Bubble Spinner had me captivated for hours.  In fact we had planned to go to a movie today and I played right up to the time we left.  I now have three games to play: Bejeweled, Bouncing Balls and Bubble Spinner.  I got tired of Farmville and some of the others I've been playing.    Just something to pass the time. Some read, I play games.

We headed to Sebring to see the movie 'Hereafter.'  It was very slow and quite boring, and I had trouble staying awake. Jim liked it, but he likes slower paced movies.  Wauchula is too small to have much in the way of entertainment, so we have to go to Sebring for any major shopping or entertainment.  But it's 45 minutes away so we'll go once in a while, but it won't be an every week deal. 

We got back just before dark so I did my walk, got dinner and just relaxed, playing games and chatting the rest of the night.


Kathy said...

You know, Dr. Oz says that playing challenging games keep the mind sharp. So, if I have any questions in the near future, I'm asking you!Blessings, K

Vera said...

I like playing games too and Bejeweled is one of them. I also like Bookworm and Mah Jong Border. I don't do it often though.

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

I'm with Jim, I like slow movies, I get to finish all my popcorn and candy that way.

I also like people who talk slowly, that way my mind has a chance to catch up! ;c)