Monday, October 25, 2010

We’re Back to the “IT” Park in Florida

(Mayport, FL) – We’ve had the heat pump on for the past couple nights, but last night the temperatures went only into the mid 60’s and it was humid, which isn’t good for sleeping.  Being a travel day, we got up at 7am when it was just breaking daylight.  The trip was all on I-95.  For those not familiar with the East Coast, I-95 runs from Maine to Key West, FL.  It’s three lanes a lot of the way and usually has very heavy traffic.  Today there were very few trucks and the traffic was light.  There’s nothing to see but trees, but when you get close to Jacksonville, FL it gets pretty with all the waterways around.

The bridge we cross to get to Mayport Navy Base.  IMG_6880 (Small)
When we got to Pelicans Roost RV Park on base we were hoping for a front row site with an unobstructed view of the St. Johns River.  It’s the channel that leads in and out of the Jacksonville port (JAXPORT) and the Naval base.  There’s lots of activity all the time.  We were here for two weeks last March.  If you'd like to read about our previous stay go back to the blogs dated 3/24 to 4/4/2010. 

Here’s our site.
IMG_6887 (Small)It's a pull-thru site, but the normal direction is facing toward the river, which is great for motorhomes with their big windshields.  However, we wanted to see the river out our back window so we parked backward.  We managed to get all the hookups to stretch under the rig.

The view from the back of our rig... but the front of our site.
IMG_6894 (Small) And this is what we see from our back window. The ship in the center is a high technology warship of the British Navy.  Pretty strange looking.IMG_6888 (Small)
A Carnival cruise ship leaving from Jacksonville Port.
DSC_2455 (Small)
A shrimp boat returning home, hopefully with a good day's catch on board.
DSC_2448 (Small)
 Container ship.
DSC_2462 (Small) U.S. Navy destroyer.
DSC_2458 (Small)All these ships passed by between about 3pm and 6pm.  Pretty good entertainment!  Jim thinks I post too many ship pictures.  For the rest of the week I may pick out the best shot and post it as "The Ship Of the Day."

After we got set up we spent some time with friends Al and Verline, who we met here in March.  What a coincidence that we ended up here again at the same time.  We caught up on each others' travels. We’ll be spending time with them all week.

The sun setting behind one of the Navy ships.

DSC_2460 (Small)
This is a little piece of heaven.


Gypsy said...

I understand how you feel about the ships and pictures of them. I was the same way at Savannah, with all those huge container ships going by. I just had to photograph each and every one of them!

Glad you are in a place you enjoy.

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

ohhh, this will definately have to be on our 'bucket list' - once we are FT-ers. How hard is it to get the front row seating for the water 'show'? Reservations required? Thanks for the great pics, it is whetting our appetite! ~m

Rod Ivers said...

keep up with the ship pictures, us old sailors really like them! Rod

RonandJacki said...

I really like the sunset shot. Maybe you could post a pic or two of the aircraft display? I'd like to be on that cruise ship after today...Nah, any day.

Barb said...

I like the ship photos - what a great campsite! The last photo with the sunset is a beauty!

GGuncle said...

Not being Navy or Air Force,I was Army. Tell Jim this is an educational thing for us land-lubbers. Glad you both are enjoying life. And a big THANK YOU for your blog. I read it every chance i get. dom.

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Ah Good old Mayport NS, I left for a cruise aboard USS Shangri-La from there in 1967, the huge pier on the north edge is where the carriers tied up, Google Earth only shows smaller ships now, no carriers.Have fun and be safe, Don't forget a visit to Jax Beach while your there. Sam & Donna.

owensontheroad said...

Nice pictures, and what a view!!

Gin and Syl said...

Our first out-of-state trip took us through Jaxville on I95 at afternoon rush hour. White knuckles with a tractor-trailer on one side and a heavy-duty tow truck with tractor in tow on the other side. We didn't think about taking the by-pass.

Great shots of the ships. Looks like a nice place to spend some quality time.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great place! It is on our list! I can't wait to see it!