Sunday, October 24, 2010

First Impression is Sometimes Wrong – A Few Comments

(Summerton, SC) – A leisurely morning.  Low temp was around 50 overnight.  We still had to run the heat pump to get the chill off, but not for long. By afternoon the sun was shining on the door side of the RV and it got warm inside.

I walked around and sat by the lake early afternoon. The park was bustling with activity with kids and parents packing up. The park is really quiet and I have to say I could really like it.  The trees are high enough that they don't give me that confined feeling, and being mostly pine trees they don't drop stuff on the roof.  Now that would be different during the season when pine needles fall.  The lake is nice and calm, with boaters and kids playing in the water.
IMG_6854 (Small)
IMG_6855 (Small)
There’s also a lot of tiny shells.  In my old life I would have picked them up to make jewelry or pictures out of them. But not now, they can stay where they are.
IMG_6856 (Small)
There’s mossy trees along the lake and a few throughout the park. It’s eery, I’ll always think that, but there's a calmness to them, too.
IMG_6857 (Small)
Another look at our site from another direction.
IMG_6860 (Small)
We watched the NASCAR race in Martinsville, NC, one of our favorite tracks, and I caught up on blogs.

It’s been a very sad week in the RV world.  Margie and Bruce, full time RV'ers, were killed by a 19 year old who ran over them with his car in Pismo Beach, CA.  We didn't know them, but on their blog they listed TUMBLEWEED as one of their favorite blogs.  Seeing that had a big effect on us because it made us realize that all of us in the RV world are family, whether we ever meet up or not.  There’s always questions when something like this happens... questions that can't be answered in this world.  This has hit the RV community really hard.  We have all thought about "what if" we’re together and something happens. One thing I did was tell my sister how to get into our blog to update it. Another thing that both Jim and I did is update the emergency numbers in our phones to other family members besides each other.  We never go anywhere without our phones, and we always have ID with us.  It’s sad, but we do have to be prepared.  Our hearts go out to Margie and Bruce's family.

Tomorrow we’re on the road to our favorite park so far, Pelicans Roost Famcamp at Mayport Naval Station, east of Jacksonville, FL.  We’re both looking forward to spending a week there and watching the ship traffic.  It'll also be nice to be back on a military base again.  Some friends we met there in April will also be back, so it will be nice to see them again.  It’s going to be another long driving day, but worth every second.  The travel will be all on I-95. Sometimes it’s smooth sailing on I-95, and sometimes there's lots of traffic delays, but we’re on the way.
Thanks to everyone who take the time to post comments.  I’m loving it.


Gail Houle said...

Now that looks like our kind of campground :) As you know, we love the trees. Safe travels tomorrow!

owensontheroad said...

Bruce & Margie's death sure made me think as well. Our life is online. A world of login names & passwords. How astute of them to let her daughter know what theirs were. We both have ICE in our phones 'in case of emergency'. But how do we let our online friends know if something happens to us? I am on Facebook so is my Mom - so word always gets around that media when something happens. Definitely need to give login & pass to close ones.

Unknown said...

Margie and Bruce's sudden death was truly a shock and another wake up call to live life fully. John and I need to do some of the same things you have done just in case. Thanks Tumbleweed.

Rod Ivers said...

We both have ICE entries in our cell phones as well. They go to our kids cell phones, and not to each other. We have had these entries for several years, since they were suggested by the local Ham Radio Emergency folks here in KC.

I'm not sure that anyone has our password to get into the blog, and that could be something that we should look into.

Have a safe trip down to central Florida and enjoy the Naval Station!

I only had one tour of duty in the Navy, so we can't get on the stations now. There is something wrong with that, in my mind, but I guess if everyone that was ever in the service could come back on station, the place would be overrun! LOL

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Mayport Famcamp is one of our favorite places, as well. What a great location/.

We hope to get there in mid Nov for a week or so.

Enjoy your stay.

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Have a nice stay at the Mayport CG. For you Air Force folks, those large, grey things you see passing by in the water, they're called Navy ships. ;c)

KarenInTheWoods said...

Yes, I think we are all still numb over the event of losing Margie and Bruce from our blogging world.

I read another good hint... when you are away from your campsite in your toad or tow vehicle (or in your case, Dee, your extra car) You can keep a brochure of the current campground you are at in the car. Paperclip a note along with your site number and saying you have pets etc. and a phone number of an ICE person... leave it on your dash or console. If anything happens, chances are someone can connect two and two and realize you were in the area camping, not just a tourist traveling in a car and hotel.

Karen and Steve
(Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

Rick and Elaine NB said...

great blog Dee....good suggestions on safety everyone...definitely something we should all consider doing...we are still stunned over the loss of Bruce and the blink of an eye...

Connie and Rod said...

Have a safe trip today and enjoy meeting up with some old friends.