Thursday, October 21, 2010

Grilling Lunch - Checking RV Parks

(Newport, NC) – It got a little chilly last night so we ran the heat pump for a while this morning.  It warmed up by late morning, with a cool breeze.  Typical fall day.

I took a walk down to the sound while Jim got the chairs out and the grill set up for our lunch with his mom and her sister Roberta.  It was high tide so there was higher water sloshing at the pier.  This is the road that ends just before getting to the pier.
IMG_6789 (Small)
The only thing out this morning was a small sailboat.
IMG_6787 (Small)
Around noon mom and aunt Roberta showed up and Jim grilled some burgers and brats for lunch.  I forgot to take pictures. I usually have my camera handy, but I guess I’m slipping.

After we ate we took a drive to Emerald Isle for a little sightseeing.  We'd heard about a couple of RV parks near the ocean, so we thought we'd check them out on the way.  Before getting to the bridge that connects the mainland with Emerald Isle we saw a sign for Goose Creek RV Resort.  It’s a fairly large park that's mostly permanent RV's and trailers, with one section for daily/weekly stays. Jim commented that it looked like one of the hundreds of retiree parks you see in Florida.  Fairly nice rigs with skirting, porches/decks, and attractive landscaping.

We took the bridge across the sound the Emerald Isle.  The area is very marshy.
IMG_6793 (Small)  At Emerald isle we found Camp Ocean Forest.  The sites are very close together and high priced in the summer.  Summer rates are $65-70, and $50 from November 1  to April 1.  The other campground we saw is is Holiday Trav-L-Park. It’s a large park and has more space between sites.  Rates are as high as $90 per day in the summer.  We both agree, these parks are nice, but they sure are pricey for what you get.  Apparently that's the price you pay to be near the ocean

We continued east on S.R. 58 (the NC coast runs east-west here) through Salter Path, Pine Knoll Shores, and finally to Atlantic Beach, then back over the bridge to Morehead City to drop mom off at her home

This is a hotel resort at Salter Path that we can see across the sound from the pier at our campground.
IMG_6801 (Small)This is what it looks like from the pier at our campground. See the building  in the middle?  (Click on picture to enlarge)
waters edge oct 2010 (4) (Small) Here’s a few houses along the beach.
 IMG_6796 (Small)
Later this evening we're again picking up mom and going to see the movie "Red."  We'll give a report on that on tomorrow's blog.


Unknown said...

Sounds like an adventuresome day!

Gypsy said...

Those prices sound pretty steep to me, especially for a fulltimer. It is beautiful to be near the ocean though.

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

We lived on the beach for 11 years, just 150 yards from the high tide line.

You can have the beach, give us mountains! ;c)

RonandJacki said...

I haven't commented on you blog in long time. For that, I appologize. I just wanted to let you and Jim know that you two are still an inspiration to me to keep my wife and I on the path towards that RV lifestyle. You also have THE best list of blogs for following others. I am glad you two are still enjoying the FT life. I also neglected in congratulating you on you one year anniversary of FTing.

KarenInTheWoods said...

Wonderful day to spend with family.. and touring around other parks is always fun. but OUCH on those prices!

Karen and Steve
(Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

Paul and Mary said...

There's something wonderful about being by the water.....and having the freedom to move to the mountains.

I look forward to your movie review!