Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day with Mom

(Garner, NC) - We took our time waking up and getting ready for a full day in Cary with my mom.  I had to get all the stuff gathered up to take with us. I bought some things in our travels and couldn't put my finger on where they were in the RV.  The lesson from this is, when you put something away, remember where you put it.

We got to mom's and visited awhile then went with her to her exercise class in her building. They do a good job.  This is mom playing ball with the rest of the residents.  She's in great shape for 87.  She has some outside help so we feel better in leaving her long periods of time.

 We did a bunch of errands then met some friends for dinner.  We all caught up on what we've done and what everyone else is up to.  We all decided it was ice cream time (which is a favorite thing to do for us).  This is mom at the ice cream place.
The pictures were taken with my Droid. It's the first time I've used it for photos. Kinda blurry, so I think I need to work on what settings to use.  I'll only use it as my backup camera anyway.  On the way home we saw a meteor fall from the sky.  It was very bright all the way down until is disappeared below the trees.  We're anxious to know if it's going to be reported on the news.


Gypsy said...

I bet your Mom was happy to see you. It actually seems like you just left NC though.

Barb said...

Wow, your mom is doing great. You have good genes!

Merikay said...

Happy to see your Mom is doing well. I know you were concerned about leaving her, but see it has turned out very well.

You are lucky to have a nice Mom who is happy to see you try new things.