Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Escapade Rally Day 2

(Goshen, IN) -  We both attended seminars all day.  We got up before the sun to go to breakfast at the Hospitality building. There’s a lot of people eating either eggs and ham with biscuits, or biscuits and gravy.  Coffee and juice was also available.
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There’s a stand where you can purchase Amish pastries. I forgot to get some after breakfast, so that will be the first thing on my list tomorrow morning.
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Jim went  to Basic RV systems I and II, which was an overview of all the systems on an RV (electrical, plumbing, etc), and demos of RV gadgets and maintenance tips and tricks.

I went to For Women Only, which basically information that women need to know about the technical side of RV’ing.  The questions women asked were awesome, everything from black tanks, tires,  security, etc.  It was really informative.  Also, there were a lot of solo women there.  Solos are those in RV’s alone, and most like it that way. One woman tried to talk her husband into full timing and he just wouldn’t go.  He passed away and she’s now on the road.

We had lunch with Ken and Cindy, then we went to Fire and Life Safety.  We heard about this class years ago.  It’s purpose isn’t to SCARE you, but to let you know what can happen living in an RV with only one door if a fire breaks out.  Can we get out the emergency window in 20 seconds?  I can’t even get out of bed in that length of time.  :)  We were given tips on what to do and information about different types of fire extinguishers and how to use them.  Part of the class was held outside where we got “hands on” training in how to put out different types of fires.
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The evening happy hour consisted of more door prizes (which again, we didn’t win), and a skit with gals putting on panty hose and stuffing balloons in them.
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We went to dinner with Ken and Cindy, Ellie and Jim, and Judy and Darrell to a popular restaurant in nearby Shipshewana, The Dutch Maid Cafe.  They had an Amish buffet, and the food was delicious.  There’s a lot of places with fabulous food around this area. 
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We made it back to the evening seminar, The Best Destinations of the Southwest.  It had good information about the different types of roads and parks, some where we wouldn’t be able to take our rig.  In many of our national parks it would be best to park the rig in a campground outside the park and then take our car or truck into the park for sightseeing.

It was another great day of seminars, but people are getting tired, including me.  Tomorrow should be a little less active, so maybe we can take it a little easier.


GGuncle said...

in my youth i worked part time in a gas station that also did auto repair work. the boss had open containers of baking soda all over the bays, when i asked what they were for he said it was the main ingredient in a fire extingusher & just throwing it on a burning object smothered the flames,if you cut off the oxygen supply it cant burn. dom

KarenInTheWoods said...

Ohhh I bet that fire and safety one was a good class!

We have 5 extinguishers in our rig in various places, but we have been thinking of the engine compartment system too. Seems to be worth it if it can prevent a fire from spreading, and saving the rig and all your possessions and most of all, your lives.

Karen and Steve
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