Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Dunes

(Chesterton, IN) - It rained most of the night.  I felt so sorry for the tenters around the campground.  There was a big group of people walking out of the campground to the beach early this morning.  We didn’t do much all morning but it was such a perfect day we decided to go to the beach.  It's only about 3/4 mile so instead of taking the car down we walked it.

I've been wanting to climb one of the dunes ever since we got here.  On Tues when we came down I walked almost to the top of the small dune.  Today I tackled the big one, which is about 180 feet high.  I climbed almost all the way to the top, no problem.  But I couldn’t keep my balance coming  down due to the soft sand, so I had to scoot on my rear to make it down the first half.

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The little dune I climbed on Tuesday.  The camera batteries died so Jim didn’t get any picture of me at the top, but check the size of the dune.
small dune (3) (Small) 
The distance we walked in the sand to get to the bigger dune today.
IMG_5700 (Small)
But we could have walked on pavement, which we didn’t know when we started out.
IMG_5702 (Small)
Then the climb...
IMG_5706 (Small)
and I made it almost to the top!  I’m to the left of  that bunch of trees.  There was a small clearing in the trees with several kids and an adult in them playing in the sand.
IMG_5710 (Small)
I couldn’t walk down, the sand was way too soft and slippery and I kept losing my footing, so I scooted down part of the way.
IMG_5719 (Small)
Then the long walk all the way back to the pavilion (see it in the trees)?
IMG_5720 (Small)
It was so good to rest after walking back to where we started.   We stayed and people-watched and enjoyed the sun for a couple hours.  Many brought umbrellas and even tents to set up on the beach.
IMG_5721 (Small)
I would like to try this one, but I think that would do me in totally.  This is the biggest dune around.
next dune
We walked back to our home, got showers and crashed the rest of the evening.  Tomorrow we’re headed to Chicago for another day of fun with son Rick.  I hope my legs and feet will hold up.  I guess I can say I’m getting plenty of exercise during our stay here.


Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

That was a long climb, but it was a great view on top. We did it when we were there in June, the big dune was something like old baldy, big baldy?

Gypsy said...

It is so nice you like the beach and the sand, and you are getting plenty of it. Enjoy Chicago.