Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Future Reservations --- Moving Up to Kentucky

I forgot to mention yesterday that Jim has our reservations in Florida for the winter.  It took him hours to find someplace for six months, even if we had to move several times.  We're set for the kids visit, the Escapade, friends in Indiana for the summer and Fla for the winter.  Moving right along.  I know most don't make reservations, but for this year, Jim feels more secure since we have people we have to be with at certain times.

We got ready to head out, talked with the neighbors, got fuel for both cars, pumped up a low tire and moved out of the Escapees  park by 11:15.  It was gorgeous going north then west to Frankfort, KY. 

We got to Elkhorn Campground about 3:15.  The site is half concrete and half limestone, has a picnic table, fire ring and grass on both sides. This is the closest we've been in any any campgrounds to neighbors and a tree,  but Jim put it right in without any problems.

Our site (notice our neighbor also has a Cameo):

My car across the road.  This is looking to the left of our site

Looking to the right

Down another street.
I always have to take a picture out the back window. It's a farm and the owner was cutting the grass from the time we got here till sunset.

We'll be here till Friday morning then we'll head up to the kids'. We'll do some sightseeing tomorrow, we've seen a couple wineries not too far away.  I'll have more pictures of the park tomorrow.  It was such an awesome day.  The temperature is in the mid 70's, no rain, lots of sun. It just can't get any better.


Speedy said...

Well if your going to be in Florida that long maybe we can catch up to you there??? Sounds great. When you can let us know about where you will be staying.

Tumbleweed Dee said...

November 1- Thru April 30 at Little Charlie Creek, Wauchula, FL

KarenInTheWoods said...

Oh touring wineries sounds like fun.. right up our alley! Sip a sample for me?

Karen and Steve
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