Monday, March 8, 2010

Waters Edge RV Park - Fort Macon, NC

Today was the first day of tourist things in our new life.

I have lots of pictures today. The first is of the RV park and of Bogue Sound.

I love trees that are different. This one has seen some high winds and hurricanes.
Pier from the RV park looking toward the RV park.
Jim is checking the water. It's only about one foot of water and very clear.
Pier going to the sound.

From the sound looking into the park

The rest of the pictures is of Fort Macon.
Jim and his mom, Alberta

Food storage for the fort for the military

Kitchen area
We had to get groceries so stopped at the Walmart on the way back to the RV park. The temperature was 60 but the wind was very cool, so still needed a coat. It's getting better and we're actually hooked to water tonight without freezing temperatures.

We're relaxing in the RV tonight. This is really going to be a way of life we can deal with, very low keyed and no hurry for anything. Ahhh, retired life.


Gypsy said...

The fort scenes look familiar!

Bob and Molly said...'re rolling now!!! Yay! What a terrific area!!! :) HUGS!