Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Too Cold to Do Much

I didn't get up till 10 today. Ahhhh retirement. It was nice and warm in the RV and so far the propane is holding up. Jim checks the tanks both morning and night. He has a new little flashlight that attaches to his hat. It's neat, it's bright and handsfree.

I didn't do anything today. I sat snuggled in my chair with the computer and TV. I played bejeweled and finally got the highest score, so for now I'm on top. It's a shame not doing anything but it's too cold to be outside and I'm not pressed to do anything till tomorrow. I have to get the apartment totally setup for selling everything on Sunday. Today, I made a couple for sale signs to put up at the apartment and the bulletin board at the apartment complex.

I'm ready for our move out and practice session on the 16th, if we have good weather. It looks like we'll be out of freezing temperatures at least during the day. Jim wants to practice parking before we get on the road to Texas which is in 39 days.

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