Sunday, December 13, 2009

Thanks to the Dealer - Open RV Showing

I have to say thanks to the Carolina Coach Dealership. I was too tired last night to write a great blog on them. We are totally new to RV'ing. They were so friendly from the time we came in all through the two days that we were with them. When we walked thru the doors they greeted us with "you must be the parents of the Cameo". They were very helpful even though we asked a few questions over and over. They were so fun to be with and we went back and forth into the dealer for bathroom and their great coffee. Allen was the best teacher when it came to all the control panels and functions of the unit.

Stephen was our salesman a long time ago, then they switched a couple times during the time we first looked at the Carriage a couple years ago to actually ordering one. He's very knowledgeable and answered a lot of our questions if Allen was busy. There was never a time they weren't around to help. A couple other people would help when we got in a jam, especially trying to get hitched and unhitched.

If there's anyone that wants an RV, please check out Carolina Coach for friendliness and being helpful. This picture was posted last night but I wanted to repost with the blog to tell about the excellent service. Thank you so much Stephen and Allen.

Today was rainy, very cold and a miserable day. We got up early to get to the RV to meet up with anyone that wanted to see our new unit. We had our first couple about noon. It had quit raining a bit so they slipped over. Charles has been following us for four years. He's been a great support and knew what our dream had been. During that time he married Susan and both have been following us with the blog and emails. Thank you two for getting out in the cold rain to see our dream unit.

Charles, Jim and our friend Gary. Gary loaned us the video camera and he put it to DVD for us.

Rick and Gale are RV-Dreamers and have been following our blog as well. They are close by and also getting ready to go full time with the downsizing and getting their home ready for sale in March. We met up at the mall a few weeks ago. Gale was laid off so we're going to get together for a lunch when we get settled. Thanks for coming out today in the rain to see our new home on wheels.

Setup with the TV, fireplace and I added the video frame of family pictures, it made a nice touch for todays showing.

This is the hardwood door with glass and a blind comes down for those days we want to have separation between kitchen and bedroom.
Bedroom with the windows above. We love this bed, but still going to keep our sleep number bed so will sell this one.
The full slide include a place for side by side washer dryer.
The bathroom looking in from the kitchen. The other door goes to the bedroom. The whole thing closes off for more privacy.

My former boss and her son also came to the showing. The showing was a great success. It was such a bad day and I'm glad we had people come by to see our RV.

We went back to the apartment to get dinner. We don't have food in the Rv yet so I need to get it setup. I worked awhile on getting the shot glasses up along the slide. I'll take pictures when that is done. I have a huge week ahead, so follow along.

We do like being hooked up to city water, one it tastes a lot better, and second the pump doesn't run when you turn on the water for anything. We're loving it. We still need to do our first "dump", but that's later.


KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Ohhh this is so fun! Sure wish we could have been there today to walk around your new home---

Sandra said...

I'm glad folks turned out for your open house even if the day wasn't very nice.

What size is your mattress? We need a new one.Since I've been here at Nancy's I realize I've had fewer back problems so it must be the mattress in the RV.

Joe and Sherri said...

We too wish we could have been there for the grand tour! Your house is so pretty and we wish you all the happiness life has to offer.

Mark from Missouri said...

Started reading your blog after you gave me a link while in chat at RV Dreams. Staid up to 1:30 am and got this far. I see you got the floor plan with rear living room with chairs across from TV. Good selection. I know the Cameo was very popular back then. We are waiting for our final year of planning to select our final rig. Heck just yesterday I read a post that Excel (Peterson industries) were hanging it up. I also downloaded your travel spreadsheet - way cool and thanks for posting it.