Tuesday, December 1, 2009

RV is Now Waiting on Us

I want to thank everyone on the facebook comments. It's good to know so many people are keeping up with us. Last night Linda from RV-Dreams.com gave us a bunch of questions to ask when we get to the dealer and go through the PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection). Thanks for all the help and tell us what we should pay attention to when we first learn the RV.

Ok, I have to confess, I didn't sleep last night. Well, maybe a couple hours. My mind kept going and going, what's next, what to take next week, which place are we parking. So many questions, so many emotions. I got out the lists to get ready to load the RV next week. It's in Claremont, NC, at the Carolina Coach, about three hours west, it's waiting on US not us waiting on it to arrive. It's now our move. Jim called the dealer and the PDI will be on December 10 at 1:00. We're staying at the dealership to check it out for a couple days.

I still have to work, won't be long though. I had to scrape frost off the car window, a sign that winter is on the way. I had four hours today and got through it with the normal work and on facebook. I can't get over the people that work that's on facebook, sure a lot of us on today.

I came home at 1:00, got some lunch and ran around getting some things in order for next week. One thing I'd like to get done this week is find a place for our mail here in NC. I'm calling UPS tomorrow, we've been told that's a good place to have mail held and sent to us whereever we are located.

Hours to still work 15 1/2.

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dream reachers said...

I know y'all are really excited about getting your new trailer. We are excited with you and know you will just love it. You will have enough time to move in and get a good feel of it before hitting the road. Wishing you the best.
God bless,
Allan and Jeanne