Saturday, December 19, 2009

COLD, Snow, Rain - Putting Stuff Away

We went to bed fairly early, the week is catching up with us. The temperature was set at 70 on the propane and it came on once in awhile, but we kept the fireplace going to help with the heat. It's still too cold to be in an RV, but we're doing ok. At this point I'd rather be warmer in the apartment, but with sweatshirts and blankets we're ok so far. If it does get to the teens we'll go back to the apartment. I refuse to get that cold and pay a fortune in propane. I'm looking forward to getting to warmer areas, if there are any.

I didn't do anything today. Jim put his clothes away that I brought from the apartment I did fix our first big breakfast. I'm slowly learning the gas stove without burning food. We played back the video we did at the dealers and realized the water heater wasn't turned on from the outside switch. We'll see if the electric will keep the water hot now that we know why it hasn't worked, so far we've always had to have the propane switch on.

See the tree? That's what you have to miss when you're parking on the pad. That's looking out our side window.

This is the Alfa See-ya next door. So far we haven't seen a soul anywhere, coming or going. It's too cold to get out to walk or check out anything.

It's dark and dreary today. The whole next week is suppose to be in the 20's at night and 30's during the day. Tomorrow we're going to the apartment to catch up on TiV'd shows and do laundry.

Thank you to all the RV-Dreamers chatters for the help, suggestions and laughs as we do our "firsts" for everything. We're having a good time.

Days left to leave for Texas 55


Gypsy said...

I find that my RV is almost always cooler than the outside temps. In winter my furnace doesn't come on until the inside goes down to 55, and I am usually comfortable - I sometimes wear long underwear in really cold weather, and when I'm sitting I have my small electric heater pointed at me. There is also a small propane heater called "Mr. Buddy" - best price is at Cabela's. It uses the little cannister of propane such as what you use for a coleman stove or lantern. Some folks I worked with at Lassen said it heats the small area of an RV just perfectly and really doesn't use all that much propane. From my point of view, once I moved in I wouldn't move back out even for the weather, but then I never kept my house at 70 either.

Sandra said...

Glad you're doing ok but those temps aren't meant for RVing especially for someone who doesn't like to be cold!

Mark and Dortha said...

Just remember that everyday for awhuile will be a learning experience. Even after all this time we learn something new or just a new way to somthing old. I don't like the cold temps either and our homes now are just a metal box, but we love them and learn to adjust. We found that the electric heaters work great and help the heat pump. Only if it is going to be really cold do we turn on the propane.

Check out our blog for Mark's newest in electric heaters. It is a little big, but works great and is quite!

We are counting those 55 days with you.

Dan and Gail said...

Just found your blog on RV-Dreams Journal. We are still in Illinois for a few more days, and we also use ceramic heaters and supplement with the propane furnace at night. We make sure the motorhome is parked so we get lots of sun during the day (if the sun is shining) which helps keep the rig warm during the day. The electic water heater does keep the water hot, but I don't leave it turned on all the time. Just my conservative side paying the electric bill at our house. I turn the water heater on when I get up in the morning, and off after showers and breakfast dishes are done; then back on while cooking supper, and off after supper is cleaned up. The water stays warm during the day.

Enjoying reading your blog. Hope to see you down the road.