Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday, How Many More

This was a typical Monday, not sleeping much on Sunday nights so usually tired all day. Yep, another Monday, wonder how many more. We didn't have our 8am meeting till after 11:00. There was a lot going on. It looks like some of the proposals we've been working with may be our new work. If so that will help for the next three months. I won't be there that long, but sure would be nice to know the company will continue.

No phone calls today from the dealer. I doubt if he ever calls till the 5er is done and on the way. I know more then he does, or doesn't want to tell us. Anyway, it seemed line a long day today.

I took mom and her lady friend for groceries, then home to clean and do the ironing. I had several shows to catch up on TiVo so watched those for the afternoon. It started out nice and sunny but the later it got the cooler and darker it got. We're suppose to have rain the next couple days.

When I got the mail we have our lease papers to rent for longer or to give up our apartment. I hope to give it up, in February as that's when our lease runs out.

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Gypsy said...

This time last year I was waiting for a check to clear, and here I am a year later, another year older, and wondering what all the rush was about. Once you get the RV you will be soooo busy - may as well enjoy the time you have now.