Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Half Way thru the Week

Just in case you read yesterdays blog before I changed it, we're picking the RV up at the DEALER not the factory. I was talking to the factory manager and was thinking about them instead of dealer. Jim got a call from the dealer today and the 5er is now at MorRyde getting the disc brakes put on. It will be arriving at our dealer maybe the last week of November, but we told them not to hurry, we can't get there till December 9-11. We'll stay a couple days at the dealer to learn it, check it out and bring it home. We'll park at the Raleigh state fairgrounds for a few days to load and "show it off" to friends around here. That's the plan so far.

I got up at 10 today. There wasn't a lot to do and for the first time ever, I actually had a dream about the 5er. It's about time. I don't remember too much of the specifics, but going thru a list to get it packed was the only thing I remember. It's going to be fun and we have plenty of time. I just hope the weather stays good for us this year.

At work Mr Boss wasn't around the whole day and Mrs boss was only here an hour. I tried to talk her into letting me go now, but she said the 4th of December would be better. I'm to write up everything I do for the weekly reports and what I do when there's additions to the company or when someone leaves.

I caught up on blogs and changed my Facebook Farmtown with the help of Alfie (RV-Dreams chatter). It's a slow day, but I did get a lot accomplished. Only two more days this week, three next week, then another five. That's it till retirement. What a great feeling.

Stay tuned, we'll be loading up before long.

Working days left 10


Happytrails said...

Glad things are coming together for you all. I know you are excited.

FD5 said...

You may want to leave out the Facebook and blog reading when you write up your everything you do list. EXCITEMENT!! The new 5'ver is almost here!!

Stay Safe