Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Quiet Day Monthly Massage - RV Membership

Another day without sun.

It was a normal morning at work. Mr boss is in a lot better mood and Mrs boss was gone most of the morning. I did ask her if there's more appointments she will have in the next few weeks so I could work the days she would be gone, but she's going to be here the rest of the month. I can come and go as needed. I may just do that when the RV gets here only work when they have something for me to do. I'd like to get the RV packed as much as I can in an all day process instead of waiting till I get home. Wednesdays and Fridays are all day working, so it's hard to get things done in just an afternoon, plus traffic is really bad about 4:00 to go back and forth to the fairgrounds.

I came home and got a few more phone calls made for mom's care. I got some emails and blogs read then went for my monthly massage. I'll probably have at least a couple more massages before we leave.

We signed up for Passport America. There's so many places we can go that doesn't have a military base nearby so thought it would be worth it for us. We're already members of Escapees which we did three years ago. We have Good Sam's but may drop that one when it's due. We're tired of all the mailings.

Our son was laid off from his job as a TV news producer a few weeks ago, he called tonight and told us he got another job doing the same thing in another TV station in St. Louis. We're all so excited! Congratulations Frank.

Working days to quit work 27
This countdown is only for WORKING days.

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Vera said...

I had a look at your 5th wheel at the website. That sure looks beautiful and you should be sooo comfortable there. We bought our 27ft 5th wheel a year before they came out with slides so it was pretty cramped but we only stayed a few months in the winter. I always wanted to get back home in the spring.It will be interesting to read about your travels in the future.