Friday, June 6, 2008

Day 1 A Very Long One

I don't have time to line up the pictures, the first three pictures are the mountains of NC and the fourth is the tarp we watched the whole trip.

Neither of us got much sleep, but Jim did better then I did. We got up 4:00 AM. When we got all the last minute things in the truck it was 4:40AM. Not bad. The first 6 hours wasn’t bad and nothing to report. We did 3 hour shifts of driving which we’ve learned that’s our limit for safety, sooner if we need to. The tarp on the treadmill needed checking more often then we needed to stop but that worked out well too.

Jim is getting more intolerant of the truckers and signs on the road that say there’s food but more than a mile from the freeway. They should have something on the signs ON the highway to tell how far off you have to go. The signs that have the distance aren’t always right and they’re after you turn off the highway. We don’t need extra miles just to get what we need. We continued our merry way. There’s a lot of truckers on the road, no slow down that we can tell from gas being high.

I can’t navigate and Jim was a little perturbed. So besides the signs on the road and not telling him right to get around Nashville, it was a little uneasy. I guess I’ll do the driving on the road and he can navigate.

I sleep really easy in a vehicle even while driving, but today I did really well. I slept on my 3 hrs off the driving. I also did some computer stuff and watching the GPS on Street Atlas. That’s so fun. The power supply from the cigarette lighter works great. I also played some games. Once we get an aircard I’ll be set to go.

We hit rain about 20 miles from our sons. By the time we got there it wasn't raining but a tornado was sighted just a few miles away. We saw a wall cloud but didn't see any funnel. In Illinois you can see forever.

The grandkids have grown up so much in a year and quite a joy. They were all over us. We're going to have a blast the next couple days.

Jim is doing ok.


Bob and Molly said...

Sorry to hear you're losing your 'navi-guesser' job so soon!!

Enjoy the kids and be safe...look forward to seeing you next week!
Molly & Bob

A couple of newer paintings 2019 said...

Didn't you use your GPS?

Glad to see you made it safely to your son's place. Missed you on chat!