Thursday, April 17, 2008

Beautiful Spring Day!

It was 44 degrees when I got up at 8:00 and by the time I got home at 1:00 it was 77. What a gorgeous day. No wind and all blue skies. Weatherman says no more 30's but should be 40 again this weekend. I did walk around the lake, so far that's 3 days in a row, still winded at one mile, but it can only get better.

I did a no no at work. I had to look up more colleges online but slipped in a couple blog readings. I was behind, so got caught up a bit. The bosses were both out for about an hour, plenty of time to read. Not much going on at work.

At home I read some more blogs and lots of emails from rv-basics. It seems people are on the move but I've never seen an RV come through our town. I don't see many at all in this area. We're not on the blue and red roads.

I visited with our neighbor for a couple hours. She's trying to setup her own business working from home with computer transcripts and database work. I need to learn more about WORD, so she's going to show me.

I did get my license today. No problems, it's good for another five years 2013. I should be getting another state license before this one expires.

What a beautiful day.

Days left to buy the RV/Truck 3 yrs 27 days


Anonymous said...

Dee I just had a revelation! You post late on your blog. I have been opening your site up and reading the blog at the top. Sometimes I will miss the day before because of the time that I open it....Does that make since? Sherri started reading your journal and she ask me if I had read the 11th and what you had posted. I said I don't remember that one??? Went back and sure enough I skipped over it. Anyway I have missed some of your post because I read to early and then too late....I know this does not make since but then look who is typing....


Steve and Maria's Blog to Freedom! said...

Dee, I've been following your blog. Good to hear that weather is getting better. Take care.