Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lazy Day and 2 Huge Meals

Thank you to all that left a comment on our anniversary blog yesterday!!

Today was quiet and just enjoying each other. It was COLD when we got up. I turned on the ceiling fan and opened the window before going to bed because it was so stuffy and warm. At 6:00 I was freezing, so crawled out of bed, shut the window, turned off the fan, went back to bed and fell asleep till 9:00. Mom was taking us out to breakfast for our anniversary so got up about 9:15 and got ready. When you have a huge breakfast it can carry over till late afternoon.

Jim decided to take me to Red Lobster for our dinner out to celebrate our anniversary, so at 5:00 we headed out. We got there before the crowd so didn't have to wait. We had a huge dinner of all kinds of shrimp. Another great meal that will take us to breakfast tomorrow. Maybe that should be the new way of eating.

Inbetween the meals I read blogs and emails. I want to say to all those having health problems that I'm saying a prayer for you and hope everyone gets well fast. Those on the rv-dreams I'm thinking of you and sending up prayers especially for Bill and Gordon. There seems to still be a lot of long lasting illnesses out there this year. Get well quick.

I spent a lot of time on doing puzzles. I'll be on rv-dreams chat tonight and watch the UNC game on TV.

Days left to buy an RV/truck 3 yrs 1 mth 16 days

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