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Florida from the International Space Station

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Visitor - Appreciation Dinner - Anniversary

(Avon Park, FL) Hi 74 Lo 47 -- Riley Mitchell, a regular reader of our blog, drove down Thursday from the Tampa area to visit us. Although he's only 23 he already has an RV. He'll be going to Maine in the next couple weeks. It was great meeting him and hope to see him again. Thanks for coming down, Riley.

Thursday I had a dental cleaning, which is the last medical appointment before we leave next week. It's great to have all the doctor appointments done. We're both good to go till November when we start the process all over again.

The owners of Adelaide Shores had an appreciation lunch for all residents on Thursday. We had BBQ sandwiches, chips, and baked beans. The BBQ was made of beef and elk, and it was very tasty. There was a great turn out.

The owners prepared and served the meal.

Friday the Happy Hookers (our crochet club) got together for lunch at the Hibachi Buffet in Sebring. There were 20 of us and we had a great time.

Speaking of Happy Hookers, here's a couple of the new projects I've crocheted this week. A couple penguins. the little one is about 2 inches. I'll be doing a lot more during the summer months.


Today we gave Tumbleweed a good bath. We completely washed the exterior, and tomorrow Jim is going up on the roof to do some re-caulking.

Today is our anniversary. It was 45 years ago when we walked down the aisle. Here's how we looked then:

And here we are today. We haven't changed much... have we?

Our anniversaries are kind of low key these days. Tonight we're going for a quiet dinner at Red Lobster.

See you in a few days.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Broken Awning - Movie Days

(Avon Park, FL) Hi 82 Lo 65 -- The days are flying by and we still have a few things to do before we leave. Sunday afternoon we heard a loud pop outside and when we looked out we saw our awning sagging. The awning motor would run but it wouldn't bring in the awning. The next morning Jim called Stewart's Mobile RV in Avon Park. We've used them before and they're very good. We were really surprised that they agreed to come out right away. It usually takes several days for them to come, but I guess they make it a priority to take care of certain problems, like a sagging awning that won't come in. A half hour after our call they arrived and got right on replacing the motor.

John of Stewart's RV working on the awning, while Jim and another Stewart employee watches.

John removed the cap from the motor, and inside he found a gear broken into three pieces.

The gear was supposed to be on the empty shaft next to the larger gear on the motor.

John said he's never seen that happen before. He installed the new motor in about 30 minutes. The total price for parts and labor was $324.00, including the cost of the service call, but thanks to our excellent extended service plan it only cost us our $50.00 deductible. (For those of you considering an extended service plan, we can't say enough good things about Cornerstone United. They've provided excellent service and have paid every claim we've submitted.)

We decided to catch up on some movies while we're still here. On Monday we went with our friends Lee and Rosemary to see,  The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.  We saw the first one last (The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel) and it was a little better, but we still enjoyed this one. We recommend it. It's a good "old people's" movie, and there aren't enough of those nowadays.

Tuesday we went with Harry and Jessica to see Gunman. It was a globe trotting action movie... good but not great. (But it was better than the Liam Neeson movie we saw last week, Run All Night.) It's been awhile since we've seen Sean Penn, and he's looking pretty good for an old guy. :)

Today we finished cleaning the inside of the RV. Rain is expected tomorrow and Friday, so Saturday we're going to wash the outside and do some badly needed re-caulking. The clubhouse activities are winding down so there's less to do with activities.

See you in a few days.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Family Time -- Movie --Baseball Game

(Avon Park, FL) Hi 87 Lo 67 --  We got in a couple of day trips the past few days. On Wednesday we headed to Melbourne on the east coast to see Jim's cousin Andy and his wife Dee.

We went to lunch at The Old Fish House restaurant in the small coastal town of Grant. It's right on the water and the meal was good.

We enjoyed our visit and had an enjoyable day.

Thursday we went with Dave and Toni to see the movie Run all Night. It was an action thriller with Liam Neeson. It wasn't one of his better efforts, but we had a good time anyway.

Saturday we went to Jupiter to visit Margot and Chris, who live in a nice RV park at Juno Beach, one block from the Atlantic Ocean. Margot and I walked down to the beach. It was packed and the surf was up. There were several people surfing. The water was so blue!


Jim and Chris went to Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter to watch the St. Louis Cardinals take on the Atlanta Braves in a spring training game.

Jim and Chris

Spring training games are great if you want an up close view of the game.

The Cardinals won 1-0, so Jim was happy. Chris is a Braves fan, so he wasn't so happy. :)  We had a wonderful time.

My sister and hubby went to the game also so we met in Okeechobee at Beef O Brady's so Jim took our picture to show how much we look alike.

 We drove into this beautiful sunset on our drive home.

Here's my latest crochet project. It's a sleigh, with little mice. This is an example of amigurumi, which is small items no more than two inches high.

We have 13 more days and we'll be moving north. See you in a few days

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Sebring Race -- Saying Goodbye to Friends (for Now) -- I CAN SEE!

(Avon Park, FL)  Hi 86 Lo 62 -- Saturday, March 14, Jim, Jessica and Harry participated in the "Run the Track" event at the nearby Sebring International Raceway. The event raises money for the Sebring Hall of Fame. The course covers one lap of the famous 3.84 mile road course.

We got up before sunrise, not my favorite time of the day, but I was elected as picture taker so I tagged along. When we first arrived it was dark and very few people.

Registration and picking up the timing chips for their shoes.

Jim and Harry attaching the chip to their shoes and Jessica ready to go.

The sun came up fast as over 200 runners gathered to start the race.

Harry ran the race in 31 mins 40 seconds.

Jessica came in at 39 mins 44 seconds.

Jim used to run a lot in his military days, but nowadays he walks. So he treated the event like it was his daily walk and came in at 52 mins 26 seconds, which is about 14 minutes per mile. He said he was just happy that he didn't finish last. :)

Jim took time to take a photo of the track from his vantage point during the race.

Jessica was third in her age group, which earned her a medal. Way to go Jessica!

All three are looking forward to next year's event, and Jim said he may do a little training and run it next time.

 Happy St. Patricks Day!  

It's been a busy few days with friends passing through the area. Rick and Gail arrived on Sunday. (Click on the photos to enlarge them.)

Rick and Gail (sorry for the bad pose, it was a quick candid shot).

Rick and Gail's beautiful Tiffin Allegro Bus

We all got together for "happy hour" under our awning.

Dee, Lessie, Jessica, Harry, Vi, Kevin, Rick, Gail, and Ed. Jim is taking the photo.

We visited for two days, sharing stories of full timing adventures. We had a lot of laughs, with stories about low underpasses, construction areas, and other things that made our travels a challenge. Most of the incidents weren't funny at the time, but at least now we can look back and laugh about them. We had a great time with everyone. Today we said goodbye to Rick and Gail, and Ed and Lessie. They're now on their way north.

Today we had a St. Patrick's Day parade in the park. Everyone decorated their golf carts, bikes, and even dogs.

It was great fun, and everyone was smiling and happy.

Today was a very good day. I got a call from Walmart to let me know my new glasses were in. I had cataract surgery on both eyes, and I had monovision lenses put in. One eye is for distance and one is for close up. My brain is supposed to adjust to both, but it isn't happening fast enough. So my eye doctor prescribed glasses to help with the transition. They're great, and I can now see perfectly. I'll try my best to wear them only when I drive, hoping I'll eventually get my eyes to adjust without them. But now I can drive! I was worried about that because I drive behind Jim when we travel. My "hitch itch" is now really kicking in and I'm really ready to hit the road in three weeks.

We're starting to smell the orange blossoms in the evening, and it smells so wonderful! There's also been some burning of orange groves in our area to combat a bad disease that's destroyed a lot of the orange crop in Florida the past two years.

We're now starting to get the rig ready to roll out on April 4th. I'm cleaning out cabinets and cupboards, and next week Jim will start on the outside, cleaning the rig and doing some re-caulking.

We'll see you in a few days.