Saturday, February 18, 2017

Visitors - Basketball - Fashion Show - Ooopsy - Mats - New Furniture

Auburndale, FL    Hi  72  Lo  57 -- I was another busy week. It keeps us alert on what day it is when there's so much going on.  The first of the week we had friends from North Carolina come to visit. We are all ham operators and the hamfest in Orlando was going on so we got to see our friends while they were in the area. We went to Kissimmee to Logans Steakhouse for dinner. Thanks everyone for taking the time for our yearly get together. (Click on the pictures to enlarge).

Selene, Hank, Jim, Gary

Monday morning  Jim's cousin Adele and her husband Dick came for the day and night to be with us on their way to Georgia.  We saw them in Maryland while we traveled and they've been to Avon park to see us while they were in Florida visiting other relatives. This picture was last year, I forgot to take one on this visit.

Adele and Dick

Saturday my sister, Doris, came from Okeechobee with four other gals from the park to go to Parksdale Farms for Strawberry shortcake.

Doris, Phyllis, Judy and Frieda

After we left with full tummies, we headed to the International flea market in Auburndale. The place is huge and we didn't have time to see it all. That's for another girls day outing. Thanks for bringing the gals with you sis.

 Our grandson, Kendall, was in the Illinois State Jr. High basketball tournament and played Tuesday and Thursday night. We got to watch it live on YouTube. We took the YouTube feed and put it on our big TV. It was a little blurry but it was so fun watching. Our youngest son, Rick was watching from Chicago and Frank and Angie were at the game. It's great having the whole family texting about the game. It brought us altogether.

Kendall shooting the ball perfectly in the basket.

Kendall getting his championship medal.

State Championship trophy. Congratulations to the Carriel Middle School Cougars!

Frank, Kendall, Angie. Look at those smiles.

Tuesday was Valentine's day. A few of us from the community went to our sister Sun Community park Westside Ridge for a valentines fashion show. This was a different kind of fashion show. The participants had to get something from the thrift stores nearby and not spend over $15 for the whole outfit. It was so good and the gals and guys would come in with a strut to show off what they bought. The men were so cool with their ideas and they did so well.

There were several people involved. When the show was over they served us a great lunch of ham salad, tuna salad, potato salad and drink. For dessert, you had a choice or cookie or cupcake and ice cream. It was a great afternoon and we enjoyed it.

While I was gone Jim was running some errands and on the way home a woman side swiped him while changing lanes. The woman's insurance company accepted liability, and we have an appointment on Monday to drop off our car and pick up a rental car for the time it takes them to fix it. That was pretty fast service by the two insurance companies. Now we'll see how the repairs go.

Thursday was the weekly craft meeting. We're making grocery bag mats for the military and had a great group of gals at the session.

While we were working on mats a line dancing group came in for their weekly lesson. We were entertained with them learning steps.

When I got home Jim had picked up some new patio furniture we ordered last week.

It's SO comfortable.

See you next weekend.


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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Okeechobee Plan B - Another Perspective on our Place

(Auburndale, FL) Hi  72  Lo 49 --  There's a snow storm up north so we got some colder weather here  but only for a day or two. I can't believe we've stayed in the 70's most of the winter so far. Ya gotta love it.

We went to Okeechobee to my sisters (Doris) for a day on the lake and going through the locks to Cowboy's restaurant.  (Click on pictures to enlarge). Well, that didn't really happen.

Jim, Doris, Freida, Judy

Several pelicans sitting by the bridge.

We had just went under the bridge when the pontoon boat quit running. Dead in the water. The guys figured out it was the fuel line not pumping into the motor. Luckily there was a troll motor we could use and with some work getting it going, we slowly made our way back to the docks.  Now it was plan B. We took a couple cars and drove to Cowboys.

Left to right:  Jim, Fred, Dee, Freida, Doris, Judy, Jim, Herm

We weren't sure what else to do for the day and Doris came up with the idea of going to the local taxidermy, Florida Trophy Gators, Inc. What a great place to see. If you're in Okeechobee please stop by.

They had already prepared the alligators for the days work, but earlier in the day they had cleaned the insides of the alligators. People request taxidermy from what they catch. It was quite an experience to see something so huge made up to be on a wall or little articles such as lamps and cup holders, purses, boots etc. There's a gal that repairs the hide. I want that job.  (I forgot to take a picture of some of the things they make).

They pack them to send to the client.

The rest of the week was cleaning and normal activities at the clubhouse. We have a local gal that comes in when we need massages. It's great to relax and not go anywhere after getting relaxed. The car was in bad need of washing, so while I watched from my chair, Jim did a great job.

I've posted many pictures of our back yard with a building and pier.

The view from out in the lake in a boat.

We walked over to the area to get another view, toward our place. There's an area that has RV's and cabins called Lundyville.

They have an entertainment monthly during the winter months. There's a lot of people from our park that goes over to listen to singers and karaoke.

Looking down the canal toward our house.

The gate to the boat ramp to the canal behind us.

Our place from straight across the canal. The middle house.

Pier we see with the sunsets behind it.

The building we see over the palms. It's still uncertain what they do. There's parties once in awhile so we think it's by reservation only. Last year there were parties all the time, this year there's only been one.  It's good getting another perspective on our views of where we live.

To end the week we went to a fishfry at the clubhouse. It's catered by Talluah's, a mom and pop restaurant. We  had to sign up for a time slot to get fresh fried fish without having it cold.

The sunsets have been pretty lately. I took these on the way back from Okeechobee.

See ya next week.


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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Joshua Bell - Avon Park -

(Auburndale, FL) Hi 79  Lo 51 --  The weather couldn't be more perfect. We've even been able to sit out in the Florida room without cooking or freezing. I wish it was this way year round, but it's close.

We've had another busy week. Jim went to Tampa to see Joshua Bell (Click to see details)  in concert.
Jim's post on Facebook
Last night I went to see a recital by Joshua Bell, one of the world's greatest classical violinists. After the concert he was kind enough to come to the lobby to sign autographs. In the picture below, notice the case on the floor behind him? That contains his $15 million Stradivarius violin. I don't know which one I was more excited to see, him or the violin case. (The concert was wonderful, by the way.)

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Monday we went to Avon park to our RV park that we stayed in for six years. We wanted to play cards with them like we did while we were staying there during the winter. They planned a dinner at Jacaranda, our favorite buffet restaurant. There were 15 of us.  We got back to the park a little earlier so we started playing cards. We had some good laughs and a wonderful time.

A beautiful sunset at Adelaide Shores RV park.

Tuesday we had movie night at the clubhouse. The movie Florence Foster Jenkins. What a great movie!  Meryl Streep was the main actress and did a great job as always. It's great seeing movies at the clubhouse.

The rest of the week was normal morning meeting and playing cards on Wednesday. Thursday I finally got my haircut and had our craft time. We're making crocheted grocery bag mats for the military and we have seven small and 5 big ones.

Dee Marks has made a full size mat.

We'll continue to make mats as long as we have those willing to make them.

We had visitors on Friday from Avon park. Barb and Dick came for the afternoon. She's my sidekick in crocheting and showed me a couple new afghan stitches she's learned and I showed her my new critters. We try to get together frequently to share our new creations. It was great to see them.

It's now February and we'll have a busy month. See you next Saturday.


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