Friday, April 22, 2016

Movie - visitors - More Upgrades`

(Auburndale FL) Hi 83 Lo 69 --  We've had a couple visitors to see the place and visit this week. Rob from the (chatroom)  came in from the Deltona area. We met several years ago and he's is a full time RV'er. He still works, so his company pays for RV parking, he has the best of both worlds. Thanks for stopping Rob, hope you come often while in the area. (Click on pictures to enlarge.)

Or friends from Adelaide Shores RV Resort were in the Lakeland area and stopped in to see our place. We had a wonderful visit catching up on what's going on in Adelaide. Most of the people have left, they stay year around. Thanks for stopping in Barb and Dick. If anyone is in the area please stop in, we're very close to I-4 from Daytona to Tampa area.

We went to see the movie The Jungle Book. Our opinion is it's a great movie and should be up for animation awards at the end of the year. The boy is the only thing live in the movie and he did a wonderful job. He also looks a lot like our grandson, we just wanted to hug him.

We're still working on different upgrades and projects to the house. We have a tall palm tree in the front yard that needed tender loving care. There were "palms" that looked like they were dead but they're actually called flowering.

The gentleman took a ladder off the truck, put on a safety belt, attached the saw and up he went.

It was only a few minutes it was all cut and smoothed out. He cleaned up all the trimmings and on his way. We need to have it done a couple times a year.

We're going every Wednesday to the clubhouse meetings. We learn what's going on for the week and the updates One thing they do here is big trips. There's one going to Greece and Africa next year. It's something to look forward to in the next few years. I went for the first time to play Dominos. It's different then Mexican Train. It's call chicken. It's easier and a lot of fun.

There's less people  then there were three weeks ago.  We're called "rounders". We're here year around.

The highlight of the week is getting our front room blinds installed. We ordered them two weeks ago. This is the living room windows before the install.

This is after the install with more natural light and now we can shut them all down when the afternoon sun comes in which brings a lot of heat or leave a few open. It's quite a change and we love it.

It's been great weather so we've been sitting in the Florida room with a nice breeze. We have internet, TV cable line and our special beverage. No bugs and no sunburn. It can't get any better. There's boats, planes landing and birds to watch.

This picture doesn't do it justice, but that's a pretty sunset behind the trees. In the winter we'll have great views of sunsets in the previous picture, just over the lake.

I did my first longer walk today since the knee surgery. It's one tenth mile to the clubhouse and the docks. There's a nice place to sit and  a cleaning station for fish. We'll be making good use of that in the coming months. I also got out the three wheeled bike, it needs some air in the tires, but that's minor.  I think I can ride it without too much knee pain.

This is our clubhouse with shuffleboard and pool.

The dock area view from the clubhouse.

Panarama of the lake. It's two miles long and one mile wide.

A few of the other views from the dock.

The dock in the background is in front of our place.

We're still upgrading and changing things, but we have time. See  you next Friday.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Keeping Busy - Activities - Movie

(Auburndale, FL) Hi 80 Lo 69 --  I've been working on a puzzle this week. There was no room in the RV to put up a table and I miss working with them. It took four days to get it done. This one isn't like a normal puzzle, It's something new. The front of the box has a picture, but the puzzle is totally a different view and nothing to go by to put it together. The challenge is great. It's 1000 pieces. Click here to learn more.

All laid out

All put together, (click to enlarge to see front of box and what the puzzle looks like).

We're going to the clubhouse for a few games and the Wednesday morning meetings. We played Knock Bingo which is quite different from the regular bingo. There's four in a group and a deck of cards. A paper plate and cup is in the center. You play with three nickels, three dimes, three quarters and three dollar bills for each person. Each player gets 13 cards which you lay out in suits. A card caller calls out a card and if you have it, you put it on the plate. When you get to one card you knock, when you use them all you win. The money is collected from the cup on each round for the winnings, (first game is two nickels, second game is two nickels, and work thru all the money). It took a couple hours and fun for a once a month game.

One of the RV'ing couples is in Kissimmee area so we met at Logan's Steakhouse to meet up with them for lunch. Dick is (Reno) in the chatroom.  Thank you two for meeting with us, see you this winter.

Jim, Dee, Judy and Dick

We were in the area of Celebration and have never been there so we took a drive thru the area. We were thinking it would be a lot like The Villages, but it's not. The homes are huge and close together. There's several condos and apartment buildings. We loved driving thru there. Some look like Georgia colonial homes.

It's been  a long time since we've seen a movie. We wanted to see The Boss with Melissa McCarthy. It wasn't nearly as good as The Spy, but still had a few laughs. It would be better to see it on DVD.

I'm back to crocheting. I went to crochet/knit group meeting and a few of us have decided to make the Thursday meetings to include crafts of all different types. It will be great to get something going for the summer and extend to the snowbirds this winter. I now need to make a lot of critters to catch up. We're also going to have a bazaar in November to sell what we make. It's going to be a great summer.

My latest critter. An alligator, fitting for this area.

 See you next Friday.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Painting Rooms - Stuff to Donation - Knee Update

(Auburndale, FL) Hi 80 Lo 66 --  The house has been power washed, the green mold is gone. The weeds have been pulled from the flowers and it's looking nice outside. We also have the name and number on the mailbox. (Click on pictures to enlarge).

The first thing we had to get done was painting the walls. This place was built in 1987 and the walls have flowers. Both bathrooms, bedroom and the kitchen. A couple in the park paint interior rooms as an extra income and they did a wonderful job.



The last patch before getting painted.

And the final look with it all painted.

Salvation Army came to get all the stuff we took out. It was deja vu with our place we emptied in NC when we went fulltime.

This place is big. What used to take 20 minutes to clean the whole RV it's taking and hour and half to clean the house. That's only dusting and running the sweeper. We've had problems hearing the knocks on the door so I ordered a wireless doorbell.  It's working great. Sometimes it's the little things in life that make a big difference.

We've been going to the Wednesday morning meetings at the clubhouse to meet people, but more and more are leaving. There's several things going on in the park all summer for those of us that are "rounders" (those of us who live here year round).

Jim went to his first Tampa Bay Rays baseball game this week. We're normally not in Florida this time of year so he hasn't been able to see the games in our area. That makes another of his baseball parks crossed off the list.

Today we had a wonderful lunch at Eats America in Tampa with fulltime RV'ers, Karen and Al, and John and Carol. They're both in the area so we planned a get together before they headed out for the summer. Thanks for meeting up, we'll do it again soon.

John, Carol, Karen and Al

We went to MacDill AFB to stock up on groceries at the commissary. I used a store scooter, and I'm glad I did. We were there almost two hours. We headed home right around 5pm, so the rush hour traffic on I-4 made the trip longer than the normal one hour.

I'll mention the knee replacement, it's been 11 weeks since my surgery. It seems like years! It still hurts quite a bit when standing up after sitting for a while, and visa versa. It still swells if I'm on it for more then 30 minutes. I still do exercises, which helps with the pain, but it does swell and ice is my buddy. There's been people tell me that six months is the turning point for noticing a difference, I can't wait. I know the move didn't help any, but I'll be taking it easy for a while.

See you next Friday.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Anniversary - Goodbye to RV - New Place

(Auburndale, FL)  Hi 87 Lo 73 --  We spent most of the day on Saturday cleaning the RV, defrosting the refrigerator and emptying the basement. I can't get up on the step stool, since my knee replacement, so Jim helped with the freezer. (Click the pictures to enlarge).

Then we closed it up.

Last view sitting in the Adelaide Shores RV Park. It's been a wonderful six winters here.

On the way back to Auburndale, we passed this truck. Very interesting.

Our 46th anniversary was on Monday the 28th. We were having a TV delivered Monday from 3-5, so we celebrated Sunday night instead of Monday. We decided to go to Olive Garden for dinner. We both love that place and they had a new dish I had to have with pasta and shrimp. Jim got a dinner you buy one and take another home (already frozen). What a deal. I'll order the same thing next time.

We finally got all the boxes unpacked and empty tubs are stacked for the next time we need them in the utility room. The Fla room is packed for donation pick up on Monday.

That's just a small portion of items. The new 65" TV is setup in the living room.

The dining area is all done and so is the wet bar.

Our freezer is very small (a lot smaller then the RV) and the door doesn't open wide enough to get anything in or out, so we bought an upright freezer.

The closet had water and floor damage.

This  is Cleve working on the floor. He changed out the shower head which was still leaking as he was working on it, and he put in a new floor.

All done.

He also installed a taller toilet.

We took the RV to the Ridge Quality RV in Lake Wales to sell. It was my last time for this view.

Tumbleweed sitting in the dealer parking lot. We hope they sell it quickly.

It's an end to our fulltime lifestyle, but we'll continue going on trips with the car and staying in motels.

An early morning view out our front windows.

Something funny, I had to call Jim on the phone that someone was in the carport while I was in the bathroom. I couldn't yell loud enough for him to hear me. I'm glad the phone is with me at all times. This place is BIG compared to the RV. It's 35 steps from living room to back bathroom, that's good exercise, I'm doing over 1200 steps a day, just in the house. The original blog when we bought the house. Click here.

We'll continue with the blogs and updates on the house, so see you next Friday.