Saturday, March 25, 2017

Memorial for Alberta Walter

Auburndale, FL (Hi 81 Lo 68)  It's good to have warmer weather. We made a quick trip  to North Carolina for Jim's mother, Alberta's memorial. We left on Friday and hit heavy stop and go traffic in Orlando then again in Jacksonville. It rained on Saturday and was in the 40's when we checked into the lodge.

The family had people in and out all weekend. The memorial service was simple and well done.  (Click on the pictures to enlarge).

Jim and Rick

Sharon, Jamie, Robin, Rick, Jim

Family and friends in attendance.

Sharon and Robin are Jim's sister that cared for Alberta for 13 months. She had stage four cancer of a bile duct. Alberta was very healthy throughout her life. It was a shock to hear she had cancer.

Full closure for the family was taking the ashes to Alberta's favorite place where she grew up. It was hard finding a quiet area without houses and boats on the water. RIP Alberta you are no longer suffering.

Wednesday we headed to Cary, NC to see our friends that we knew for over 12 years while we lived in the area. We stayed with Gary and Cyndi but went out to lunch and dinner with the others that are in the area including Selene and Hank who are fulltime in an RV and at the Raleigh fairgrounds where we stayed while in town in the RV.

Lunch with Jim, Gary, Cyndi, Hank, Selene, Dee

Dinner with Jerry, Gary, Cyndi, Hank, Selene, Jeff, Bobbie and Jim (Dee taking the photo)

Thursday we started our trip back to Florida. It was 32 degrees when we left Cary. We remember why we don't want north in the winter. Friday afternoon we got back home. Nothing was out of place and it was great getting back to 80 degrees.

Saturday was the community garage sale. We heard it might happen but wasn't sure. There were very few people selling stuff but we went around the neighbor and found small items we can't do without. We did find some picture frames so now we have a couple pictures up on the bare walls.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

New Chatroom

A couple months ago the RV-Dreams chatroom was closed. I decided since I'm on it every night that I would take it over. I started the chatroom on our website. Anyone can come in and it's free but it's a place where a lot of the 2008 people we met from the RV'ing world can come in and say hi.

A lot of us have bought a place or not traveling as much anymore. The chatroom serves as a meeting place for us and thank you in advance.

Click on this link

or go to the right side of this blog and click on the chat icon.

See you there.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Company from Illinois - On the Way to North Carolina

Santee, SC.  (Hi 71   Lo 50)

We had  a special friend, Andrea and her husband Rich here this week for a visit. She was our boys babysitter in the 80's and we've stayed in contact all these years. She's like a sister to me and it was great seeing her. She was on vacation in Florida so she stopped in for the afternoon.  (Click on pictures to enlarge).

Rich and Andrea,

We took them to Parksdale Farms in Plant City, FL for a strawberry shortcake. I'm glad they were here while they were still open.

Andrea and Dee

Later this week we went to Quality Ridge to check on the RV and truck.  The truck batteries were dead and they replaced them. The battery on the RV is dead so it has to be jumped.  This is the time of year people buy RV's to keep in Florida.

Oh the memories!  

We had some noise in the lake that sounded like a lot of flutters and water splashing. I thought it might be a couple alligators but it was pelicans. Lots of them. They've come around a couple times this week. 

Our community has been busy crocheting grocery bag mats for the military for the past couple months. We now have 35 of them made. I've separated by sizes. I'm so happy they've come together to help and it gives everyone something to do that's for our service men and women. 

The front of our place now has some added characters to be with the lighthouse. 

Pelican with glasses that light up at night. He has a solar hat. 

 Hummingbird and frog
They're all in a row

I'm still crocheting little critters. I made a robin or oriole, depends on how you look at it. 

A robin

and the oriole
Image result for oriole

I also made our neighbor her dog. Shih tzu

We are in Santee, SC on Friday night and on the way to Morehead City, NC.  Wednesday we got a call from Jim's sister that his mom had passed so we're on the way  for the funeral services on Monday.  

Alberta (Pittman) Walter

December 6, 1933 ~ March 15, 2017 (age 83)

Alberta Pittman Walter, 83, of Morehead City passed away at home on Wednesday March 15, 2017.
Beloved matriarch of the Walter family, she was born in Morehead City and raised her four children in North Carolina and Florida.
A Memorial Service will be held at 4:00PM Monday March 20, 2017 at Bridgeway Church of Beaufort with Pastor Tim Mariner officiating.
She is survived by two daughters, Robin Lynn Walter of Beaufort; Sharon Ann Walter of Beaufort; two sons, James F. Walter of Auburndale, Florida; John George Walter IX of Wilmington NC; four grandchildren, Frank Walter of O’Fallon, IL; Rick Walter of Homewood, IL; John George Walter X of Leland, NC; Jaime W. LePage of Manteo, NC; six great grandchildren; and her brother, Donald Pittman of Otway.
She was preceded in death by her husband, John George Walter, Jr.; two brothers and two sisters. 
Flowers are welcome, or donations may be sent to Carteret Health Care Home and Hospice, PO Drawer 1619, Morehead City, NC 28557.
Condolences and life tributes may be sent to the family at

Arrangements by Noe Funeral Service, Inc. of Beaufort, NC.

Thank you to all that have sent condolences. 

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Giraffe - Eagle - Crocheting

Auburndale, FL  (Hi  80 Lo 67)  This week was very dull. I didn't go anywhere except to get groceries, shuffleboard and walk around the block a couple times.

Jim is working the Detroit Tigers baseball training camp in Lakeland and loves it. He works three or four days a week for March only.

I've been watching the Eagle that I watched hatch 69 days ago, now he's branching and next will be fledging. I've kept the website open every hour I'm on the computer. I love watching how both parents take care of him/her.  Watch here, if it's still around.

The other website is the giraffe named April in New York. Watch here. This will be a different learning experience if I get to see it. The giraffe kicks the vet once in-awhile when he's checking her. Great animals. You can tell the love from the caretakers for both the male and female. Since I've been watching the giraffe so much during the day, I decided to make a critter of her. I'll make the baby when it arrives.

Baby eagle and April pregnant giraffe

These are the other critters I've made this week. Birds are fast, so I'm making a few of them for a project for the craft fair. I hope it all pulls together. When I get further along I'll ask for suggestions.

While I was walking around the park I stopped by George's place. He has a Corgi dog and he does tricks. He's such a good dog. I thought this was cute.

Yes, I made his dog.

This week the grandkids of grandparents are all over the community for spring break. There's a lot of kids in the pool and on bikes. It's very active now but in a couple more weeks, people will start leaving and it will be quiet again.

This week there wasn't a lot going on. Next week will be a little more active.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Schoolmate Visit - Painting - Daytona - Craft Fair

Auburndale, FL  (Hi 77  Lo  56) -  Every year we have my school mate visits with us. Melba and Ed travel around Florida during the winter. We have been in their path again this year and we had a wonderful visit. We found a great Chinese restaurant, Buffet City,  which is now on the agenda for next year. Thank you for coming to see us. (Click on pictures to enlarge).

Melba and Ed

A painting activity was at the clubhouse this week. A fee is paid and a couple artists come in to teach a painting. A picture is picked first then everyone painted one like it, maybe not the same colors but learning the technique.

Did I mention you drink wine as your painting?

I liked this one. She was thinking outside the box so to speak.

Daytona started the racing season on Sunday. We are happy with the new rules, it's making racing a lot more exciting. It's going to be a fun season.

The craft fairs around the area are in full swing. Linda and I went to one near us to see what they sell and what type of crafts people are making. It was so nice, with lots of tables and not one thing alike. I passed out flyers for our craft fair in October.

I only got this picture of critters made with yarn. I make mine with thread.

These are my last couple crocheted critters, a cat and BB8. Both were ordered.

Weather has been perfect, we're staying busy and it's March. The snowbirds will be leaving soon. See you next week.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Yard Makeover - Visits - Birthday Party - Jim's New Job

Auburndale, FL    (Hi  83  Lo 67) - I love Florida in the winter time and this year has been nicer then some we've spent here. Winter is the time to do outside makeovers and that's what we accomplished this week. We called Tropical Temptations to take out the plants and put in river rocks in the gardens around the house.  (Click on pictures to enlarge).

The view of the front of house before the makeover.

The plants are blooming. I thought they were dead. I found out the flowers come out in the spring. It just looks bad and I'm not good with plants. We have something else in mind.

The old ground cover had deteriorated and looked like spider webs. The guys kept getting tangled up in it. 

This little one watched almost the whole time. I guess he was the inspector.

My sister and hubby got us this lighthouse for Christmas. It looks lonely, but it will have several items to keep it company before long.

The small garden on the side of our porch was all weeds. It's all cleaned out and now has gravel too.

Jim started a new part-time job parking cars at the Detroit Tigers Spring Training games in Lakeland, They completely renovated their stadium over the winter and he was invited to a special tour a week before the games started. I got to go along.

Joker Marchant Stadium in Tigertown, Lakeland. Spring home of the Detroit Tigers.

Our friends Les and Delores came for a visit this past week. We've known them from when we lived in Illinois many years ago. They've since moved to The Villages, a little over an hour away. It's great having them nearby. Thank you Les and Delores for coming over. It was great getting together.

Donna, a friend in the park, has a birthday this weekend so we celebrated a little early with a party. It was a surprise and we pulled it off perfectly.

A toast was in order to another great year.

Ok ok, I get it!  Just some fun stuff with us ole' ladies.

It's been another great week and I had time to get a couple critters made.
A squirrel with a wheelbarrow of veggies and a pink pig that was requested.

I saw a Wood Stork in the back yard. I had to get the picture through the screen so I wouldn't scare it away. They're a threatened species, so it was nice to see one.

This is it for this week. See you next Saturday.