Friday, August 26, 2016

Appointments - Baseball Game

(Auburndale, FL) Hi 92 Lo 80 --  There's not much to report today. I am now done with the Physical therapy for the shoulder and doing the exercises at home. I'm doing very well, just have to remember not to lift more than eight pounds and certain movement just aggravate the spurs on the top of the shoulder. At least I'm not waking up at night and not getting back to sleep from pain.

We play shuffleboard at 10:00 on Tuesday and Friday mornings. It's been really hot and humid, sometimes we make it to three games and sometimes only two games. It's good to get out and we do have fun playing with the other players. I'm still getting massages to work on the muscles for the knee and the shoulder. I'm lucky to find a person that understands what's going on and the price is really good at $35 an hour. That's half what others charge.

Jim went to the Rays baseball game with a neighbor on Monday night. It's only an hour away and they had a wonderful time. It won't be long the games will be over then football will take it's place. They had a great view of the field.

I'll have more to report next Friday. Have a great week.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Kitchen and Dining Area Remodeled

(Auburndale, FL) Hi 91 Lo 78 --  My sister was here over the weekend on her way back to Missouri. She will be back again in October.

 This week it's all about the upgrade to the house. Lots of pictures which you can enlarge by just clicking on them. I met a guy at the pool that was a contractor and has retired, sort of.  I mentioned we needed a couple things done to the house and he said he'd check it out. Needless to say he took on a big job, taking out an overhead cabinet and laying a porcelain tile floor. He started Monday morning and has been here all week. I'll take you from the very beginning.

The first thing was to remove the vent above the stove. You can't get to the back burner (at our height) without ducking or cracking your head on the vent. This is my sister trying to be careful in not hitting it.

Front side.

Back side with the long light extensions on both sides.

Clyde taking down the cabinet/vent area.

All gone. The vent hole and electric wires were all that's left to hide

Next was the flooring with a stained leak mark that Clyde fixed a couple weeks ago.

Taking up the carpet. No real damage to the floor, we got lucky

Next was the vinyl flooring in the kitchen. A special machine that cut it like it was nothing.

It's all cleaned up and cleared.

The ceiling had to be resurfaced with popcorn which is in a can. So to protect the stove, floor, lights and floor he put up plastic sheeting.

The spot on the ceiling where the electric wiring is hidden

Measuring and laying out the porcelain tiles.

Chad his son helped lay the flooring.

It's coming along.

Tuesday the floor was almost done. Clyde was taking a break before leaving for the day. The only place to sit was his bucket.

Jessica, Chad's wife also helped, she was doing the grouting starting Thursday.

Almost done, hallway and bathroom was left to do.

Grouting just applied.

Celebrating that it's all done.

Three great contractors, Clyde, Jessica and Chad

It's like a different place. I now can use a Swiffer for fast cleaning

The second bathroom before,

and after. We even got a new tall toilet, easier on our knees.

The hallway coming in the door.

That's done. Next, it's Jim's turn, so surround speakers are in the works in the next couple months.

See you next Friday.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Olympics - New Floor and Upgrade

(Auburndale, FL) Hi 97 Lo 80 -- We've been spending a lot of time watching the Olympics. We're also binge watching all the seasons of Downton Abbey on Amazon Prime. I'm also still crocheting different things for the November Bazaar.  

 Some weeks there's just not a lot going on. I'm doing occupational therapy twice a week, a massage to work on muscles once a week, playing shuffleboard twice a week, keeping up with the craft bazaar  vendors that are requesting a table. We have 22 tables asked for and it's coming along fine, still need to get more ads in the local papers, but most are online.  (Click on the pictures to enlarge).

Hedgehog in white, one of critters I'm making for the bazaar.

I'm experimenting with cork and this is the wine bottle and glass I made for the wine area. It's really hard to get cork to stay glued together so I learned from internet to use a small drill bit put in a hole in the cork and put in a wire. It's holding, so far.

I was given a kitchen towel doll head to see if I could replica it. I couldn't figure out the sleeves and the collar isn't quite right, but I sure like how it turned out.

We picked out our flooring for the kitchen and the dining room which will also go in the hallway and second bathroom. The guy that's putting it down starts Monday morning.  We'll do both bedrooms carpet and living room later. It's going to be a wild week getting meals with "construction" in progress.

Jim and Clyde are unloading the tile.

Just one of the storms that went south. I'm loving the storm clouds and watching them either grow bigger or die out. It's a very interesting place to live.

See you next week.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Weekend in Miami - Eyes - Therapy - Olympics

(Auburndale, FL) Hi 88 Lo 80 -- Last Sunday we went to the St. Louis Cardinals vs Miami Marlins baseball game In Miami. We didn't want to drive the four hour trip in one day, so we went to Okeechobee to be with my sister Doris on Saturday.  On Sunday she joined us as we headed to Miami, which was a smooth two-hour trip without a lot of traffic. The Marlins' stadium is another one checked off Jim's list, and it was Doris's first time attending a St. Louis Cardinals road game.

There are several large letters that are from the old (torn down) Miami Orange Bowl stadium.

 It's a beautiful stadium and we had great seats right behind first base, where we could see everything.

The video screen/scoreboard is huge!

Doris, Dee, Jim

The roof was closed and it was very comfortable temperature-wise. When the game was over they opened the roof.

There were a lot more people there to see if Ichiro Suzuki would get his 3,000th major league hit. He was only two away. He came up late in the game as a pinch hitter, but he didn't get a hit.

A foul ball came a few rows in front of us and hit this poor lady's hand. It swelled up and turned black and blue. A medical team was with her in no time to take care of her. They put on an ice pack and she left. The ball came in fast, hit her and went half way down the row.

We parked close to the stadium in some guy's driveway. It was easy to get back out and the guy stopped traffic for us. The traffic was backed up and very heavy and nothing moved. With the help of GPS and the Waze app we found out it was a wreck on a bridge up ahead of us. We took an alternate route on some surface streets to another bridge then to I-95. We saw a lot more of Miami. On our way back to Okeechobee we came to a halt way out in the country with police in the middle of the road directing traffic to another route. We have no idea why, but it was a seven mile detour. We made it to the Tin Fish seafood restaurant in Okeechobee for some dinner just before they closed. It didn't take long to crash when we got back to sis's, we were tired.

Monday we left in time to get to Sebring for my eye appointment. A year and half ago I had cataract surgery and I decided on the "blended" lenses, near sight in left eye and distance in the right. I never did get use to it and have headaches, so I'm thinking of having a free lasik surgery to correct my "near" eye to match the "distance" one. The Dr put in a contact lens in my left eye that I'll wear for two weeks, and if I like how my vision is I can decide to have the lasik done and we'll go from there. The only downside is I'll have to carry reading glasses with me at all times.

Along with the eyes, I've been having trouble with lifting my left arm above my head. An X-ray showed I have spurs, arthritis, and thinning of the tendon so I'm going to Occupational Therapy two or three times a week for a few weeks. It's in Winter Haven about 14 miles from us, so it's two hours out of the day. The goal is more movement, not a "cure". I know now what they mean by Golden Years, it takes gold to stay healthy. :)

We went to a hurricane preparedness meeting in the club house. We both volunteered to be block captains in the park and been assigned sections of the community to find out if people will need medical assistance or any other special needs in case of evacuation. We'll be going door to door to get all the info.

The Craft Bazaar is coming along great. We've sold 20 vendor tables so far and have till November 5. People are excited to have a place to sell things they make. I'm still adding ideas on what to sell.

Hedgehog, I'm making another one in white.


Today we went to see the Jason Bourne movie. It was a good movie wit lots of action and we both liked it, but all the fast camera movements gave me a headache.

Tonight is the opening ceremonies for the 2016 Rio Olympics.

See ya next Friday

Friday, July 29, 2016

Flea Market - Special Army Rifle - Movie

(Auburndale, FL) Hi 94 Lo 75  It's been a busy week but it seems very long for some reason. Last Saturday there was a fancy indoor flea market in Lakeland that had a lot of publicity. I thought it was going to have craft areas so we'd get an idea on what craft is popular this year. There were NO crafts only vintage and antique items. There were two huge rooms and thousands of people, it was difficult to walk around. We'll be skipping that one in the future.

When my sister got here from Missouri, she brought back a gun dad brought back from WWII that he made into a lamp.  It's a German Karabine 98K made by Mauser. My sis kept it safe while we were in the military and  roaming around the country. We want it to stay in the family. We're proud to have a place to put it. Jim rewired it as there was some bare wire on it.

I had my sixth month check on the knee. It's doing fine, still have six more months to go for more healing. I go back at the one year appointment in January. I notice a big difference in getting up and down from a chair but still not comfortable with steps.

The rest of the week was normal activities. The pool is up to 92 degrees which is warmer then bath water, but that's Florida pools. It's cooler getting out when the air hits you. The Florida room is climbing in temperature everyday. It's been over 100 all week.

Today we decided to see the movie Star Wars Beyond. We both give it thumbs up. A lot of blowing up action.

I've been crocheting and making a few items for the bazaar and also selling as I go. Keeps me busy and out of trouble.

See ya next Friday.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Florida Storms - Routine

(Auburndale, FL) Hi  95 Lo 79 --  I have to tell everyone about Florida storms. We've lived here for short periods of time twice, once in West Palm Beach where we met and then with the military near Melbourne. We learned quickly that you can never leave your car windows down. Storms here come up fast so fast that when you're on the beach you see a cloud and it's too late to run. A couple teens found that out yesterday. They were on the beach and before they could find shelter they were hit by lightning. It comes out of nowhere. We'll have rains that are so hard you can't see the lake behind us, but a couple doors down it's just sprinkling. We can go in and out of rain on the road for miles and still have the sun shining. Nothing lasts long, maybe 10 minutes. It's interesting for sure watching storms coming across the lake.

We're getting into a regular routine. Saturday thru Monday is nothing much happening. I crochet and we both watch TV shows we've taped during the week. Tuesday is shuffleboard at 10:00 by noon it's about 95 degrees. We come back for lunch and dominoes with a few people is at 1:00.  Wednesday is the morning meeting. There's a very few that go, but we've been discussing hurricane procedures and we signed up for a team to help others to get to safe place. We will have a team meeting next week. Thursday is craft get together. We're all working for the bazaar in November. It's been fun seeing all the neat things the group is doing. Friday is shuffleboard again. Jim does a 3-mile power walk most mornings before the real heat kicks in, but otherwise, except for our shuffleboard games we mostly stay inside and enjoy our new air conditioner. We're looking forward to going to more movies when they come out the rest of the summer.

I went out to lunch with a few of the gals on Thursday. We went to Hog Heaven in Winter Haven, which has excellent BBQ. It was a great time and I'm getting to know the people that live in the park.

Linda, Carol, Jan, Shirley, Donna

Donna, Peggy, Linda, Carol

We're staying busy watching ducks, all kinds of different birds our our big living room windows. And we're still trying to see the alligators again.

I have a favor to ask on behalf of our son Rick. He's a photographer and he's entered a photo contest. Here's the info from him:

Hi Friends. Not usually a fan of asking for "votes" but I'm in a photo challenge where winners get to sell their photos on their website. is a cool place for artists. Voting only lasts 7 days. If you could go to the below site and vote 5 for all my photos (entries span 3 pages), I'd appreciate it! Of course there's a little work involved. You have to register, and you have to vote for 50 total pieces for your vote to count (a mix of ratings so the site doesn't just throw out the 5's you give only me). Help me out! And pass along the link to everyone you know!!

 Thank you for your support. See you next Friday.