Friday, December 2, 2016

Geocaching - Trip Home - Movie

(Auburndale, FL) Hi 78 Lo 58 --  Sharon (Jim's sister) Jim  and I love geocaching in the area. We haven't been to Oriental and wanted to find a few of the caches in that area and have lunch. Oriental, NC is a quaint little town and it was a great trip over by ferry.

We ate at Toucan Grill.

A few pictures of  geocaches that might be found. They can be all sizes and hidden in all kinds of places. (Click on the picture to enlarge). Do you see a tiny capsule in the tree?

Some are filled with all kinds of trinkets that you can get at a dollar store.

This is very unique. You can buy stones and birds in nests which open to have a pencil and paper and small items inside.

Also you'll find neat places to eat and different shaped buildings. This is a restaurant called the Silos.

We made it full day and had lots of fun together. When we got back to the house, we had dinner and visited with family.

We left Monday for Mayport Naval Station near  Jacksonville, Florida. There was very little traffic, so we were very glad we didn't travel on Sunday. Note to self, never travel on Sunday after Thanksgiving. Our North Carolina friends, Hank and Selene,  were next door at Hannah state park, so we went to dinner with them to a Mexican place. It was great catching up on all the activities in NC and in their lives. We follow them on their blog    They'll be in our area in a few weeks and we'll meet up again.

We noticed on the way up to North Carolina on I-95 there were lots of trees down and some  green road signs due to hurricane Matthew. When we got to Jacksonville we saw a lot of beach erosion and trees down in the area. The RV park at the Mayport Naval Station was closed a few days to clean up the damage. We stayed at the Navy lodge and had a second floor view of the ocean.

Night view of the lodge

The back side view.

We had a kitchenette with microwave, full size refrigerator, stove, plates, cups, silverware and coffee maker. All set to stay a few weeks if needed.

Full size pool.

Our breakfast view from the lodge.

View from our balcony.

View from the beach looking at our room, second floor second balcony from the left.

The surf was so rough that four surfers couldn't get up long for a long ride.

The RV park we stayed at while in the RV has a lot of erosion. They were closed a couple days during the hurricane, but opened back up quickly once the bridges to the area were back open.

We spent one night at Mayport, then got home early evening on Tuesday, got the laundry rounded up then we crashed. It's always good to get back home.

Wednesday we got back to the normal routine. The weekly meeting brought us up to date on the happenings of the park. It's going to be a very busy month of December.

Today we went to the movie Fantastic Beasts and How To Find Them. It's a very good movie and we give it two thumbs up. It's supposedly a prequel to the Harry Potter movies. Movies are getting so good with the special effects.

I haven't posted my critters lately. While we were with the family I made a "critter" that looks like Jim's sisters dog.

I'll leave you with our sunset. See you next week.

Friday, November 25, 2016

2016 Thanksgiving in NC

(Havelock, NC) Hi 60 Lo 45 --  We went to NC last year for Thanksgiving. I'm glad we had the blog to check on where we stayed and when we came back.

We left Florida on Tuesday. The traffic was heavy but on the move except around Orlando, it was stop and go. We had an eight and half hour day which brought us to Florence, SC. I like Red Roof Inn's because the beds are comfortable and we found one in Florence. There was even a Western Sizzler next door so we didn't have to move the car for dinner.

We got up early Wednesday for the five hour drive  to Havelock, NC. We didn't know there would be a bypass around Goldsboro so we made good time and got to the Cherry Point Marine base by 1:00. We signed in and then went to Jim's sisters. We had 14 people come by,  so it was the beginning  of who would be there for Thanksgiving. There was food everywhere. Jim's brother and wife, Johnny and Cheryl came in from Texas the beginning of the week.

Johnny brought some oysters from Marshalberg (downeast),  so the rest of the afternoon they steamed and ate oysters.


Johnny, Sharon and Jim.

A small crab was in the oyster.

Thursday the cooking of the turkeys started midday.

There were two turkeys, one in the oven and one for the deep fryer.

Jimmy, Jim, and Johnny watching the fryer.

While the family gathered in the kitchen and living room.

Robin and Sharon, chasing everyone out of the kitchen.

Jimmy slicing one of the turkeys.

Then eating. This was only one table.  There were 25 people spread out in the house and outside.

The Walter family from left to right, Sharon, Alberta, Robin, Johnny (left) Jim (right) in back.

Friday night we wanted something else for a meal, so we had fish and shrimp.
Sharon fixing the fish.

Robin was fixing the shrimp.

We'll be leaving Monday. I'll post the weekend and the trip home in next weeks blog.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Movie - Checkups - Canada Visitors

(Auburndale, FL)  Hi 80 Lo 55 --   We are gearing up the movie watching through the winter. This week was the movie Arrival. It's an alien movie, but different then most you see. We both loved it, but it's also the type of movie you have to see twice when you see the end of it, so we'll be watching it again, (on TV). We give it two thumbs up.

Jim had an eye appointment with a new doctor in this area. We both like him, so another doctor found for our future. I'll go when I'm all done with the eye doctor in Sebring for cataract surgery. I should only have one more appointment. We have all doctors in place now, unless we change again for the dentist. I met with the new primary doctor since the other one left for Lakeland. We want to stay with someone closer in town. This one is old school and love it. No pill pusher like a lot of the doctors. In fact my blood work was so good that I don't need to go back for six months. That's great news, 2017, might be a good year.

I'm now in a group of gals that plays Bunco once a month in a home. You have a group of 12 once a month and go to a home to play. It's fun and you get to know the people better.  Every Wednesday I go to Hand and Foot card game at the clubhouse. I'm getting the schedule down now for the winter.

We had guests here from Canada the last couple days. Lorne and Sue are friends in the chat room. They're in the south for the winter and stopped by to meet us.

Lorne, Sue and Charlie

They're fulltime this past summer and traveling between USA and Canada.

Anna met with us at Lazy Days Cracker Barrel for lunch.

We had to take a tour of some of the RV's that's at Lazy Days. Lots of ideas and quite a few used RV's for sale. Maybe in our future?????

Bus by Wonderlodge, which our friend Lessie has one similar to it.

This is a See Ya, MH, with quite a different layout. The slides come in both sides. The end of the middle section is a washer and dryer. It's quite unique.

I went with another gal today to another craft show. It was in a large church and very nice. I'm getting names of vendors so I can call them for ours next year.

I'm working on orders for the critters, but this one turned out so cute.
A skunk, I'm changing the tail to all black.

The Nativity set turned out perfect.  I'll have to get a bunch made for our next craft fair, it's popular.

We met Rob in Kissimmee for lunch. He's back in town. He's also from the chatroom and we've met up with him whenever we can. He's fulltime in a fifthwheel and works while on the road.


See you next week

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Movie - HOA - Animal Races

(Auburndale FL) Hi 78 Lo 59 -- We got to another movie this week, Doctor Strange. It's really good and the new special effects are mind boggling. It's like seeing Matrix on steroids. We give it thumbs up and it was even better in the Dolby Cinema. We went to Orlando to see it. (Click on the pictures to enlarge.)

Our first HOA meeting was this week. There was a good attendance. It was great seeing how well organized the meeting went. We're happy with how it's all being run. I'll put in for a place on the board next year.

 Another thing that's quite interesting is the animal races. There's six animals that one of the residents made from wood. Six squares of tape are across the room and six wide. Six people hold the animals and when six dice are thrown the numbers that come up will move the animal one square. You buy tickets for 50 cents each on what animal may win. It's strictly by chance.  If three dice says a number one, the person in square one moves three spaces.  There's also an auction that you auction different named horses that makes the stakes a lot higher. One person won an auction at bidding $30 and won $180. If you're a gambler it's a very popular game here.

Friday afternoon there was a Veterans luncheon. I helped with the decorations and the food preparation. There were 72 in attendance and not sure how many vets, but it was a real nice luncheon.

Friday night we went to the Orlando Magic basketball game. Jim found a Groupon for $9. He also got a parking pass and we left by 5:00 because the traffic would be bad that time of night. He was right, there were two slow downs and one was 13 minutes. If you drive I-4, leave yourself plenty of time. It's been voted the worst highway in America.  We're hoping they'll get the train line built in our lifetime to take advantage of going to Orlando and Tampa. The game was defensive so the score was very low for a professional team. We'll be going again, that's a great stadium.


Looking down the third floor.

Our seats. The best way to watch was on the big screen.

With all the craft things going on, I met someone that has a super collection of magnets and shot glasses. This is amazing,

I had 150 shot glasses before going on the road. This person has 1200. That's quite a collection.

I didn't sell very many of the critters at the craft show last weekend. This weekend we went to an outdoor craft show that had over 100 vendors. It's amazing what people are making. The thing we see the most is the big wreaths. One of the gals in the park is thinking of making one, if she does she'll sell it to me and I'll put my critters on it for next years craft bazaar. Good idea?

This is plates and four forks to match. They have beads around the plates and end of the forks.

 This is different type of yarn and string to make necklaces. Very different from the normal "ladder" necklaces, but that's the basic start for them.

One the vendors had these at our craft show. It's a cloth turtle, made with terry cloth or cleaning type material. You put your foot on it and pick up dirt or something spilled without bending over. It's a great idea. When it's dirty just throw it in the washer. (Like spilled wine or milk?)

Rows and rows of tents with vendors all around the park in Winter Haven park.

We took two hours and may have missed a few places, but it was jammed with people and getting hot.  I'd like to go again next year.

Now I'm getting a few orders made and will take orders to make what people want. It's fun to see what animal/bird people like. I've been told everyone has a favorite and it's like the Harry Potter movie with the owls and other critters that the kids had as their "side-kick".

Here's what I have left from the craft bazaar. If you want to order a critter, let me know. It's a hobby not a living. Just email me and I'll tell you how long it will take and price.

See ya next week.