Saturday, March 11, 2017

Giraffe - Eagle - Crocheting

Auburndale, FL  (Hi  80 Lo 67)  This week was very dull. I didn't go anywhere except to get groceries, shuffleboard and walk around the block a couple times.

Jim is working the Detroit Tigers baseball training camp in Lakeland and loves it. He works three or four days a week for March only.

I've been watching the Eagle that I watched hatch 69 days ago, now he's branching and next will be fledging. I've kept the website open every hour I'm on the computer. I love watching how both parents take care of him/her.  Watch here, if it's still around.

The other website is the giraffe named April in New York. Watch here. This will be a different learning experience if I get to see it. The giraffe kicks the vet once in-awhile when he's checking her. Great animals. You can tell the love from the caretakers for both the male and female. Since I've been watching the giraffe so much during the day, I decided to make a critter of her. I'll make the baby when it arrives.

Baby eagle and April pregnant giraffe

These are the other critters I've made this week. Birds are fast, so I'm making a few of them for a project for the craft fair. I hope it all pulls together. When I get further along I'll ask for suggestions.

While I was walking around the park I stopped by George's place. He has a Corgi dog and he does tricks. He's such a good dog. I thought this was cute.

Yes, I made his dog.

This week the grandkids of grandparents are all over the community for spring break. There's a lot of kids in the pool and on bikes. It's very active now but in a couple more weeks, people will start leaving and it will be quiet again.

This week there wasn't a lot going on. Next week will be a little more active.

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