Friday, January 6, 2017

Visits - Lakeland - Boat Ride on Our Lake

(Auburndale, FL) Hi 81 Lo 66 --  It was time to get the decorations down and put away for another year. It's been in the 80's most of the week so very comfortable to get outside stuff done. There's some upgrades to do but we have to search around for the items we have in mind.

Lessie and Ed were back in the area so they came over for an afternoon of visiting and eating some lunch at our local restaurant. It's always good to see them. Thanks for coming by. (Click on the pictures to enlarge).

We had to go downtown Lakeland and this is the first time we've been around Lake Mirror. It has a walking path around the whole lake. We'd like to do that sometime. It's beautiful.

Our neighbor owns a pontoon boat. He took us a ride around the lake (Lake Juliana) this week. There's so many beautiful homes that you don't even know is around by just riding around in a car. Here's some views around our lake.

Our place to the far left.

This is a bed and breakfast near our park.

Seaplanes land on our lake all the time. This one landed the same time we were out on the lake.

There's some big gorgeous homes along the lakefront.

Jim is enjoying the ride.

These homes are straight across from our place. There's bright lights on their docks we can see all night.

These homes are in the upscale neghborhood next door to our park. They're beautiful!

This looks so different from this angle. It's the back of the dock we see from our front window. It's a small combination bed & breakfast/fishing camp.

Our place to the right.

Paul, our boat captain.

Our sunset. They're gorgeous this time of year.

This week's critters.

See you next weekend.


Nancy and Bill said...

Nice Tour...

Happy New Year to you both!!!

Flowergirl said...

Do they do any skiing or tubing on your lake? Or are alligators everywhere?

Tumbleweed Dee said...

Flowergirl: yes there's lots of boating, tubing and skiing in the lake. It's 18 ft in the middle, alligators don't bother anyone so far. Pets is another story.

Bob and Jo said...

Nice area and nice critters