Friday, September 16, 2016

Movie Sully - St. Petersburg

(Auburndale, FL) Hi 84  Lo 77 -- We still have not sold the RV andTruck, but the dealer told us it would be October or later before any sale. We're just hanging in there.

It's been a while since we've been to a movie so we went to see Sully, starring Tom Hanks. I saw a documentary and the movie was a continuation and more detailed. It's wonderful and a great family movie to see. We recommend it.

This week we went to see Brian Wilson in concert in St. Petersburg. Jim bought the tickets several months ago and he's a big Beach Boys fan so he was looking forward to it. Wilson had a 11-piece band with him, including one other original Beach Boy, Al Jardine. It was really a great evening. We left early enough to take in an exhibit at Florida CraftArt called Mind over Matter.  It's an exhibit of art works made of natural materials and everyday objects. The exhibits were very out of the ordinary and showed a lot of imagination. It was well worth it, and the great part is it's FREE.  (Click on the pictures to enlarge) Here's a little of what we saw.

There were cards telling about the materials used, and the price if it's for sale. Most of them were over $1,000.

This one is made from linen.

This is made with crochet thread and words of poems are crocheted into the fine threads.

Jim is checking all the items that are in this "face".

This one is tiny coil weaved around reeds.

This is made of the pages from books cut into tiny slivers.

This is a close up.

Our favorite was this sculpture made of wood pencils,

I took this shot from above showing the ends of the pencils. Amazing!

We liked it, but not enough to pay $8,500 for it. Yikes!

Overview of the room.

Several pictures made with embroidery floss. They were around 8x10 in size.

Circles made with, among other things, little tiny pieces of maps.

Another area of the Craftart store. 

Another favorite, cut up colored paper.

We also had a pre-concert buffet at a beautiful dining room just off the lobby of the concert hall. It was right on the bay and gorgeous watching the sailboats come in and out.

The appetizers. Shrimp, macaroni, and some little fried thingy, I have no idea what it was but it sure was good.

Then we made our way to our seats in the theater. We were in the front of the balcony, very good seats. The theater is spectacular looking!

The concert was awesome! Brian Wilson is in his '70's, so he wasn't very active and his voice isn't what it once was. Another singer took over for the beautiful fasetto harmonies. But it was great hearing all those great Beach Boys hits.

I had Lasik surgery on the left eye to make it for distance instead of closeup to match the right eye. What a huge difference. I'll be using drop for a week but the sight is so much better and now all I need is readers for computer work and reading. If you're interested I put the surgery on Jim took it from the video in the waiting room on his phone. It came out great.  Click here.

We've had a great week. See you next Friday.

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So.... how many of those crafty items did you buy?