Friday, June 24, 2016

Knee Update - Hurricanes - New AirConditioner

(Auburndale, FL) Hi  94  Lo 80 - I'm excited to say my knee is hurting less. I'm getting up and down from chairs a little easier, but still not pain free. I'm going to the pool which is helping quite a bit. For those that's been trying to get me there, ok ok, you're right. lol  I think in another couple months it will be a lot better and mostly pain free till there's storms around.

We've been gearing up for hurricanes in the area. We're 40 miles inland, but if we have another year like 2004, we'll be getting them in this area. We signed up for helping the community with transportation to shelters, or anything else that needs attention. The park will be told to evacuate if a  CAT 4 hurricane is coming in. We'll get more details next month about shelters and activations of evacuations. There's already been four hurricanes in the Atlantic. We still need to get our "to go bags" ready.

We got our new air-conditioner installed this week. The temperature was a little lower and so was the humidity, but it still was 95 in the house during the time of install. They came at 8:30 and were done by 3:00. (click on the pictures to enlarge).

The old unit, we don't think it's ever been serviced. That's a bee hive to the left.

Springer Bros, was the company we chose. The owner came out first to talk over what we needed.

Two young guys were under the house, put down a new platform 

then put up an umbrella to work under 

taking out the old ducts,

and putting in the new

Then the new air conditioner, which is a lot bigger than the old one, was finally installed. They measured for a shroud that will be in the back of the unit in a week or so. Until then they made a temporary shroud out of scrap metal.

While the guys were under the house they found a baby corn snake. It looks a little like a (poisonous) Coral Snake, but Jim learned a saying when growing up in South Florida, "Red on yellow, kill a fellow; red on black, good for Jack". This one has red on black bands, so the only thing it will kill when it grows up is mice and other little critters. (The guys let it go and didn't kill it.) I wonder it it's mama is still somewhere under the house.

The thermostat has a touch screen and is connected to the internet. So it has local weather info, plus we can operate it from our smart phones if we're gone. Technology has come a long way since 1987 when the house was built.

We're happy with the cooling and it's a quieter. Now we're set for the rest of the summer, and many summers to come. 

I've been crocheting curtains for the guest bathroom and also putting together a very pretty puzzle. I couldn't see the pieces very well so we bought a new lamp. That's going to be real handy for crocheting too. 

Our son Frank and Angie and the grand boys will arrive tomorrow evening. We're getting everything ready for them and looking forward to a great time next week. See you next Friday. 


JO said...

Snakes give me the creeps no mater how small and safe they are. So glad my place is closed all the way around. Of course they can get into the smallest crack. I have that lamp I love it.
glad you knee is getting better and yes the pool helps lots.
Enjoy your family

Sandra Merrikin said...

Glad your knee is improving, swimming is good. I had the chiropractor work on both of mine as they were getting painful due to doing some runnung, now, no pain! Enjoy your family visit!

John and Carol said...

So glad you are doing better with each passing day. The new a/c will certainly be worth it's weight in gold during the hot and humid summer days.

Bob and Jo said...

Glad your knee is getting better. Air conditioner is like a bank account, it can never be too large, especially in Florida

Ambrose said...

Glad to see what an amazing job those guys did with your air conditioner. I am sure the new unit must be so nice and quiet. I remember our old air conditioner made such a racket because the bearings gave up. Will be calling up my trusted technician and have them take a look at our ancient unit. Thanks for sharing.

Melinda Rose said...

What a great post! I am glad to hear that everything got delivered and installed well. Glad to know the two young men were very helpful. And what a fun experience finding that little snake. That phrase really helped in making a difference and I am glad to hear that they set him free instead of killing him. Have fun!

Melinda Rose @ Phoenix South HVAC