Friday, May 6, 2016

Visit from RV'ers - NC Trip

(Morehead City, NC) Hi   72  Lo  50    --  We're still getting the house setup the way we like it. Jim found some bedroom night stands on Craigslist so we did a day trip to Tampa to pick them up. Now our bedroom is finished.

Saturday evening we had a Anna and Steve a fulltime RV'ing couple come from Cocoa Beach where they're staying come to visit us. They are from NC and we met when we first went fulltime. It was great catching up on what they are planning for the summer months. Thanks for coming by Anna and Steve.

Wednesday our trip to Morehead City NC started with hard rain and storms. We waited till they passed and headed out. It felt so different not going in the RV. We did a seven and half hour day to Santee SC on Wednesday. We stayed in the town when we came Thanksgiving weekend. I-95 didn't have the traffic like that weekend, but it's still a rough road. We hit rain on and off but nothing major. We traveled five and half hours on Thursday. We were in and out of rain, but we were in Swansboro we hit heavy rain and hail. It was so bad we parked on the side of the road till it passed. A couple more miles down the road and it wasn't even wet.

We're with family and I'll write more next Friday.


Phyllis said...

Have a good week.

Mark from Missouri said...

Hello guys, I'm glad you continue to post what you are up to.

Dee, I downloaded your spreadsheet under Park Reviews and played with it a little, importing it into Google Maps. Hope it is okay with you that I added comments about your spreadsheet in my most recent blog post. Here is the link:

Let me know if that was not okay to post on my site! I'll try and catch you in the RV Dreams chat room sometime, assuming you are still visiting it. I posted a link back to your site and gave you credit for the wonderfully detailed spreadsheet.

Mark from Missouri