Wednesday, January 14, 2015

What's So Golden About the Golden Years?

(Avon Park, FL) 72 Lo 56 -- When we were in our 20’s we kept hearing about the "Golden Years" that are ahead when we retire. At the time we didn't think about all the medical issues we'd be dealing with. Today I finished up the routine medical appointments to take care of all my aches, pains, and ills of the past year. I now have cataract surgery scheduled for both eyes (each a week apart) in February. My knee is still holding up fine after I got a cortisone shot a few weeks ago, so no knee surgery for now. And my gall bladder was tested and checked out fine, so the official diagnosis for the pain I have after eating certain things is indigestion. I just have to watch what I eat and take an antacid when it flares up. Of course while I was there I was scheduled for a colonoscopy, so I have that to look forward to. Wasn't it John Wayne who said "growing old isn't for sissies"?

When we got home from a very long day in doctors' offices a FedEx box was on our step with our next three meals from Blue Apron. (We explained what Blue Apron is in a previous blog, which you can read here.) Tonight’s meal was Pastachio-Crusted Catfish with Clementine Salad, Israeli Couscous & Roasted Fennel. There are three items in that title that until now we couldn't identify. :)

2015-01-14 fish from blue apron (1)

2015-01-14 fish from blue apron (3)

2015-01-14 fish from blue apron (2)

It was wonderful, and again we ate only half the serving that it made. It still took me two hours from prep time to eating time.

We are catching up on TV shows that we’ve recorded and I’m almost done with another crochet afghan.

See you in a few days.


Gypsy said...

The Golden Years do bring on aches, pains, medical screenings, surgeries, short term memory loss and the like, but I think I am so much more wise, tolerant, and enjoy life without the pressures of work and raising a family. Then if one is fortunate enough to have grandchildren, this time of life is exquisite.

Wow, I can't believe you only have to wait a week between cataract surgeries. That's great because you will have it all done before you know it, and only have the discomfort that comes with all surgery at the same time!

Bob said...

Saw a company delivering food of some description to a house across and down the street from us. I forget the website (like that's a surprise) but I was intrigued with the idea. It too was quite reasonable, price wise. It's certainly the way to go if you're not keen on cooking. I'd just east sandwiches if it were strictly up to me.

Jessica Riker said...

I looked at Blue Apron but the recipes look too fancy for me. I'm more of a down to earth plain cooking kind of gal. lol That inspired me to do a google search, and I did find an article that named a number of companies making meal planning easier. Blue Apron was one of the companies named. I am trying one of the other ones they mentioned called, Plan to Eat. We would have to do the shopping ourselves for this one. haha But it does sound like it will help with planning meals. I get tired of eating the same stuff all the time.

Dizzy-Dick said...

My father said that getting old ain't for sissies long before anyone else said it as far as I know. He, by the way, died fairly young (60) and I am now enjoying my 70's hoping to get to 80. I just got a call from the doctor's office with the reports of my blood tests. My white count, although elevated, has not changed. This is good news, meaning my bone marrow cancer may be in remission.

Donna W. said...

I still say we should retire when we are young and work when we are old. To me the Golden Years is fools gold.
meal sounded wonderful but I am too ADD to take to hours to do it.